Can You Use Student Loans To Pay Off Credit Cards?

by : Court Tuttle

It is common for students to struggle with students loans and I don't mean necessarily getting them. There is even more of a hassle to figure out how to properly spend the money you are allotted with a student loan.
Many students ask the question if it is possible to use your student loans to pay off your credit card debt.

This is definitely a possibility and will make sense in some cases, but at the same time be careful and remember why you got the student loans in the first place and what they mean to you and your future. You will have to pay back that money one way or the other and when you use it for credit cards make sure that you are therefore using your credit cards wisely with your purchases.

Often times you want to make sure that you consolidate your credit cards to one card with the lowest rates and then pay off the credit card with the student loan. Student loans tend to have lower interest rates than credit cards and when they do then this will make sense to use it because often you don't have to worry about paying off student loans until six months after school is done, but with a credit card they tend to be monthly payments.

Now if you have a credit card with no interest or minimum payments for a longer period then when you have to start paying your student loans or if they have lower interest rates then probably the best decision for you to make is for you to pay student loans first. It just depends on who you owe first and who has the highest interest rates.

One of the most important steps though that you can take is to use your funds frugally during these four years at school. Especially if you don't have a job and you are struggling to pay off all of this debt and the bright future may take a couple years at least. Whatever the scenario is, don't spend lavishly now or else you will be living like a college student down the road.

I also suggest that you do spend often on your credit card though when you do make purchases, as long as you can pay it off, because then it will help your credit a lot. After you are able to build great credit that will help you with a lot of other financing options down the road or any consolidations that you may perform to help alleviate financial stress.

It is so important that you are proactive. There are many great summer sales jobs now that enable simple people like me to make a fortune during the summer and not have to worry about getting a job during the school months. If that isn't your bag then you might want to go ahead and start looking for good on-campus part time jobs that will be easy enough to let you study while you work.

Just make sure that at least you are always making minimum payments and that you are on time with them. Pushing off the payments and consolidating them are fine as long as you eventually pay it all off down the road.