Random Access Memory- Temporary Storage Media

by : Jacob Marshal

The computers are being used extensively by the human beings for the purpose of entertainment and complex processing. In the age of technology when we all are living closely computerized lives, it's hard to imagine any place or household without a computer. These machines are equipped with advanced electronic components and devices with which they help us do various processing with great ease.

is more commonly known as RAM. This is the temporary memory in the system and is used to store the data or information for the short span of time while the processing is carried on. RAM is an integrated circuit chip which is fixed on the mother board of the system. It is an important and integral part of the computers.

It is used to store data. Unlike other storage mediums like the magnetic tapes and optical disks, in the Ram data can be accessed in random order. Any datum can be easily retrieved withing specified amount of time irrespective of the storage location of the data. It does not matter whether the present data which is being accessed is related or linked to the previously accessed data. This kind of memory is generally volatile and the information is retained in the memory only till the power is switched on. As soon as the power is turned off the information is lost.

There are several variations present of the random access memory like SDRAM, DRAM, SRAM, RDRAM and DDR SDRAM etc.

The SRAM stands for the static RAM and DRAM stands for the dynamic RAM. The Static RAM is a kind of semiconductor memory in which the data is not refreshed after a small period of time and it uses a bistable latching circuitry in which the bits are stored. The data retention is exhibited by this kind of RAM but is not nonvolatile as the data is lost when the power is switched off.

The performance of the system depends largely upon the storage capacity of the RAM. Higher the memory of the system better is its performance. In most of the computers one would find 256 MB or higher memory capacity. To run heavy applications like 3-D games and Drawing tools, System development kits with higher configuration and enhanced RAM are required.