Baby Gender Selection - How To Get The Child Of Your Dreams!

by : Julie Gardner

Wouldn't it be great if gender selection was a 'little button' somewhere on your body, that you could press to choose the sex of your baby!

Press once for a boy, twice for girl.

If only life where that simple.

People from all corners of the world are desperate for a baby of a certain sex, and for numerous different reasons. A boy to carry on the family name, a girl to be Daddy's little angel. Baby sex selection would be a dream come true for a lot of people

I have a few friends who have 3 or 4 children all of the same sex. When asked if they are having any more, the answer is always "If someone could guarantee me a boy, I would. I just so want to give my husband a little boy to play football with" or "If there was a way I could definitely get a little girl, I would be all for it, but with 3 boys... I just wouldn't take the risk of another!"

I am one of lucky ones, I have a boy and a girl, one of each, most people tell me how blessed I am. And I do feel blessed, not to mention guilty sometimes when I see my friend walking in the street with her 3 little girls.

Years ago people just popped babies out and didn't really mind if they were boys or girls. IF they really wanted one or the other, they would just keep having babies until they got what they wanted.

These days things are very different. The average family with it's 2.4 children, just can't afford to keep adding more kids to the itinerary until they get exactly what they want.

So in today's society there must be things that you can do, after all it's a world of freedom and choice.

Well there are things that you can do, but they don't come cheap! It all depends on what lengths you are willing to go to, to add that much wanted child of a certain gender to your family.

Gender Selection - The Expensive Method!

Now if you have a couple of thousand pounds lying handy (which I'm sure not many of us have these days!) There's a procedure called 'Microsort' This gender selection method sorts out the sperm, male and female. Now that sounds fairly easy, the next bit is the hard bit.

You will then have to undergo IVF (inVitro fertilization) or IUI (intrauterine insemination) With IVF your eggs will be harvested and mixed with either male or female sperm. If the sperm goes on to fertilize the egg, you will then have the sex selection embryo implanted into your uterus.

With IUI the sperm will be deposited into your uterus by artificial ways. This is a lot less invasive for the woman, and can also work out cheaper.

The problem with the above procedures is that neither one can guarantee you a baby! On the other hand, if you do get pregnant from these gender selection procedures, the chance of you having the gender of your choice is a lot more promising. At around 90% success rate with a girl, and 80% success rates for boys, you would be well on your way to the baby of your dreams.

As baby sex selection becomes more widely available, will planning to have a baby also include planning its gender too?

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