Deal With Digestion: Cure The Acne

by : John Porter

The relation between acne and hormones is an established one. During the early twenties if you don't have a pimple on your skin it is considered that you haven't reached the stage of adulthood. Friends might mock you to be still a kid. But acne can trouble you anytime in your life. At that situation you just can't blame the hormones as the cause. There are several other reasons hidden in your body that act behind this problem. One key area is the functioning of your digestive system.

There is nothing to get surprised to know the fact that the health your skin is closely related with the digestion process in your body.

Acidic reaction in stomach

For the foods to break down in minute particles to get absorbed by the body cells, the stomach releases hydrochloric acid. This particular acid is the key to breakdown the protein substances you consume. On the other hand HCl stands responsible for ingestion, absorption of the vital vitamins and in fighting back the toxins that come inside the body. The most important thing it does is countering constipation. Actually if your digestion is proper there remains no chance for constipation. What has all these to do with acne?

A big cause of acne on your skin is constipation. Consumption of excess fatty substances and high proteins become barrier for normal digestive process. At that time the production of HCl is required in more amount to boost this process smoothly and hence prevent the scope of constipation. If this can be brought up without any hindrance the acnes don't show on your skin. Otherwise they do. Thus you must be clear by now that how your digestive system is associated with the growth of acnes on your skin.

Digestive enzymes preventive in nature

The digestion process inside the stomach and the intestine needs digestive enzymes along with acid secretion. Especially for the digestion of carbohydrates and fats, pancreatic enzyme is very much essential. The digestive enzyme helps in clearing the undigested food particles that get stored inside the colon and eliminates the toxic elements that have a chance to clog the cells. This in turn becomes a cause of constipation. Hence by every means you have to keep your digestive system healthy to maintain your skin. The direct connection between your pancreas, stomach and liver with the skin cannot be denied and hence a healthy skin can only be maintained if you are healthy from within.