Choosing the Right Acne Solutions

by : Trevor Mulholland

In choosing acne solutions, several factors should be taken into consideration. The efficacy of pimple remedies depends on a number of factors, not just on the ingredients and the formulation of the remedy. The condition of the patient's skin - among other factors - also has a lot to do with how effective a remedy can be.

Acne solutions range from simple home remedies to topical medications to more advanced therapies. In choosing the most appropriate cure, you need to take a look at several factors first. Here are some of them.

1. Skin type. If you've got oily skin, an alcohol-based facial wash would be the most appropriate. For dry skin, moisturizers are often recommended in conjunction with regular pimple treatments. Treatment can be chosen based on how they work. For example, patients with oily skin might be prescribed with medications that work by controlling the gland's excessive production of oil, while medications that unclog pores are usually recommended for normal skin types.

2. Severity of the acne. For people suffering from mild acne, a home-based remedy is often enough to get them through. Lemon juice, a mixture of salt and water, oatmeal facial paste, garlic and even toothpaste have been reported to be effective in relieving a pimple overnight. For cases that cannot be remedied by home solutions, topical medications like antibacterials and retinoids are often prescribed. Severe cases, on the other hand, often entail the use of more advanced therapies like laser and phototherapy.

3. Medical history. Skin specialists who deal with patients with severe acne never prescribe medications without examining the medical history of the patient first. To avoid allergic reactions and adverse effects, specialists need to know what formulas produce a strong reaction from the patient. In cases when combined therapies are needed, medical histories are often a prerequisite.

4. Age, overall health and sex. Adult acne might need a different treatment method from teenage acne. The health condition of the patient is also considered since not all may be able to tolerate more advanced treatments if they are needed. Sex is also a concern since women often require a different treatment than men. Inherent female conditions such as menstrual cycle, menopause and pregnancy are considered important factors when deciding what medication to prescribe.

5. Financial capabilities. This is a concern if the condition is already severe and the patient needs advanced treatments like laser therapy, skin grafts, collagen injections, hormone therapy or dermabrasion. Particularly in the case of laser therapy, cost is usually a determining factor. These treatments are more expensive than regular antibiotics or other topical treatments and might entail several sessions. If the acne is finally controlled, long-term maintenance might still be needed and additional costs will be required.

The efficacy of acne solutions depend on a number of factors. In choosing the best solution for your pimples, a thorough discussion with a skin specialist is still the best first step. Taking a risk by using whatever is handy is just not worth it.