Refinance Loan Options And Know-how

by : Nazir Hussain

Today a lot of refinancing loan options are available in market. It totally depends on the financial condition of the borrower as to which refinance option to adopt that will solve all his requirements. Here we will look upon various options and requirements of the people concerned.

Fixed Rate Mortgages Refinance

1) If you have taken an adjustable rate mortgage and rates are about to rise, go for refinancing to fixed rate mortgages as they have all time low interest rates.

2) It is a fruitful refinance only if you plan to stay in your home for a long term.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages Refinance

1) Anyone who has a fixed rate mortgage and is planning to move within 7 years should go for adjustable mortgage refinance, as it does not make sense to pay a higher interest for 30 years of a fixed mortgage.

2) This in turn decrease monthly installment.

3) People who want the low rate of an ARM with the security of a fixed rate can start with ARM and switch to fixed rate afterwards.

Interest Only Refinance

1) An interest only loan gives you the option of paying just the interest, or paying interest and as much principal as you want in any given month. People who want significantly lower monthly payments use this option.

2) People go for this kind of refinance when they want to pay off debts.

3) People who want the flexibility of an Interest Only option.

4) People who want month by month flexibility

5)People who want to add principal whenever they want

Home Equity Refinance

1) A home equity loan is loan on the value of equity you have in your property . If you have various credit card debts or other high interest debts they can consolidate into a single debt and paid off via refinancing home equity loan.

2) Those who want lower monthly payments at low interest.

3)Those who want a long term stay in their home, as this refinancing is not beneficial in short term.

High Interest Refinance

1)Anyone who has a problem in showing their income and/or qualifying with other lenders because of variety of reasons such as a high interest loan taken recently or no income proof etc.

2)People with unique situations: selfemployed, entrepreneurs, divorcees, hospitality employees, sales people, retirees, etc.

Bad Credit Refinance

1) People with low credit score, less than perfect credit and want to get approved for refinance

2)People who want to pay off debt and repair their credit profile.

3)People who want to consolidate their multiple high interest bills into one low interest payment but are unable to do so because of bad credit history.

Cash out Refinance

1)In 100% Cash out refinance transaction, the amount of money received from the new loan exceeds the total of the money needed to repay the existing first mortgage and the associated costs, thus giving extra money. People who are in urgent need of cash go for this king of refinancing.