Mortgage Pre-approval

by : Richard Cunningham

Buying a home for the first time can be a very exciting experience, but can also be both daunting and confusing. Many first time buyers have never had to deal with such a big investment before, and therefore have little or no idea how the whole process works. In some cases, buyers spend weeks - even months - hunting around to find the perfect property. When they have finally found the property of their dreams they make an application for a mortgage only to be told that they are not eligible to borrow that amount of cash. This can cause real frustration and disappointment at a time that may already be stressful.

A mortgage pre-approval is a great way of cutting this stress and frustration out of buying your home. With a mortgage pre-approval you can search for your new home with confidence as you will already know how much you are eligible to borrow and that you have already been approved in principle for your mortgage. This means that you can look for the ideal property within the price range that you know you can afford, and there will be no disappointment or time wasting involved.

As a first time buyer it can be difficult to work out exactly how much you might be eligible to borrow. Because you will have no equity from a pervious property as existing home owners might you may find that you have a lesser deposit to put down. You might also find that there are special products and packages out there designed to cater for first time buyers. All this can play a role in the amount you are able to borrow, and with a mortgage pre-approval you can quickly ascertain just how much you have to play with, and you can then look for properties accordingly.

You can get an answer to your mortgage pre-approval application in less than a day in some cases, which means that you won't be kept hanging around to find out if and how much you can borrow. Armed with this information, you can then start your hunt for a property that falls within your price range, and you can enjoy the confidence that once you have found the ideal property you have already been pre-approved for the mortgage.

Making a mortgage pre-approval application is a sensible and easy option for prospective property purchasers, and in the long run can save you both time and trouble. You can make your application for pre-approval simply and speedily online, and you can then start seriously searching for a property that you know you can afford and you know you can get a mortgage on. Approval on your application will be based on a number of factors, such as your income and outgoings, your status, and your credit history amongst other things. In most cases you will receive a response on your application via email, which can help to speed up the process and enables you to get on with finding your dream property