Women Investment Clubs: Taking the Fear Out Of Investing

by : Sherman Cheong

Traditionally, women have generally been more hesitant when it comes to financial investments. They are more cautious when it comes to money. The new women investment clubs take the fear out of investing for women.

Investment clubs have been around for years and many are in existence today all over the world. They have been growing in popularity recently especially the women investment clubs.

Women are becoming increasingly independent and have increased their salaries over the past several decades. With more income comes more responsibility and investing is part of that financial responsibility. Women investment clubs offer a safe place for women to begin investing.

Successful investment clubs focus on educating the investors as well as the investments themselves. Women investment clubs often do an outstanding job of helping to provide information to those who are new to investments as well as to those who have experience with them. There are often seminars to help teach the basics about investing and help the investors feel comfortable in their financial decisions.

For those just learning about investments the decisions can seem daunting. Women investment clubs take the mystery out of investments by providing forums, chats and message boards online that assist in teaching about investing. Women learn from each other and by those who have experience in finance. There are tips and information on the web sites that present information in a way that is understandable to everyone.

There are many reasons to join a women investment club. Although your workplace often offers a savings plan, this is controlled by others and you may lose some of it when you change jobs. You can invest any amount you want in an investment club. Many people start out by investing $20 to $50 per month.

If you are new to investing, investment clubs provide a safe environment to get your feet wet. Investing along with others provides a group with whom you can share information and discuss investment topics. The group setting enables you to gain confidence in investment decision-making abilities. As you learn more you can invest more as well. The modest sums needed to start saving with an investment club are small so you can feel more confident in your plan.

While some women investment clubs meet locally, more and more are becoming online groups. If you like the idea of meeting in person, look for a club that meets locally, usually once a month. These clubs sponsor activities and often engage local financial speakers for interesting talks. You can make many new friends as well as learn more about investing. Online groups may not meet in person but often provide much more information and investment tips through the web site.

When looking for a women investment club think about what you expect from the club. Look for clubs online that will offer the most information. Compare the recent earnings results of the club before you join. Start by investing a small amount that you feel comfortable with until you learn more and are able to see results.