Home Water Filter and Your Health - Put Your Water On A Diet

by : Christopher Jay

The water from your tap at home starts from a water treatment plant that purifies the water so that it will be safe for human consumption. However, how do you know that the water treatment plants are effectively removing the whole of those impurities that could hopefully not be harmful; maybe not now but further on down the line?

In case these levels are exceeded, the iron water filter can cart away the contaminants, but it may bring forth the life of the iron water filter to be shortened, and the contaminants may only be partially removed. All the same, the bad part is that the water we gather at our taps is not nearly as pure as we think it will be and often carries bacteria and diseases that can cause us serious illnesses therefore installing water filters is a necessity.

Whole house water purification systems are the most practical for homes with hard water or contaminates which irritate the skin because impurities such as lead take a time to dispel with most whole house units and are treated more conveniently using point of use or under the sink units.

It may be surprising to note that most drinking water filters are bought for reasons of aesthetics such as wanting greater tasting water that is free of odors. Besides bacteria and chemicals, there are additional minerals found in the water that flow through our pipes, in small doses, but they can rapidly add up to affect your kidneys and overall health.

Water Impurities
Water runs through pipes in order to arrive at our homes and will be reserved in tanks for days at a time before we use it, which causes the growth of bacteria and parasites; a chemical such as chlorine is deliberately introduced into the water to sterilize it in quantities that will not afflict you immediately, but may cause side effects in the long run. Most people use bottled drinking water at least occasionally and use water filters at home to make their water taste purer.

Water Filter Brands
The Brita water filter will cart away the impurities like chlorine, copper, lead, mercury, giardia and many other impurities.
The basic Aqua Pure water filter filters to 5 microns and allows a flow rate of 20-28 gallons each minute depending on existing water pressure. Popular Doulton water filter choices are the varieties which are installed under sinks; they have the ability to filter about one thousand gallons of water between filter changes. An Aquasana shower water filter will be able to eliminate chlorine including chloramines and additional contaminants like lead, iron oxide, hydrogen sulfide and sodium hypochlorite.

Water Filtering Methods
A ceramic water filter is a great apparatus for those at home to drink more water without resorting to the expense and inconvenience of bottled water.
A ceramic water filter will provide pure, healthy water for the whole family. One of the most common water filter system and probably the most worth the money nearly as well is charcoal that derives from coconut husk; charcoal guarantees to offer 95% pure water by removing impurities and toxins.
There are many, many more methods from reverse osmosis to home made water filters. Treat your family and yourself right, make an investment into a good quality water filtration system in the near future.