Making The Grade With Student Credit Cards

by : Morgan Hamilton

Student credit cards can be very tempting for college students. Imagine being able to buy things that you want with your credit card. You can easily get carried away on your shopping sprees, and may not realize that you dont have enough money to pay for your purchases. Unfortunately, the balance you charged for the things you purchased must be paid.

You will be charged for interest if you are unable to pay the full amount within a period of time. Credit card companies charge interest for student credit cards at a percentage of the over due balance. If you have a $100 balance and the credit card company charges an 18% interest rate: you will now owe $118 to the credit card company. The interest may keep on adding up, until you may end up paying only the interest and your credit balance will never be paid off.

If you are interested in obtaining student credit cards, you should examine a few important things. You should find out about the annual fee of the credit card offers. An annual fee is a lump sum that some credit card companies charge to their credit card on a yearly basis.

You should also look at the student credit cards interest rate and other fees. In some cases, the interest charges can send a credit card over the limit. When this happens, you will be charged some extra fees, and you can no longer use the credit card. It would be wise to compare the different terms and conditions of various student credit cards, so that you can find the best credit cards. Remember to use them wisely, so that you can get the most benefits from them.