New Moms Guide to Swaddling

by : Tina Allen, LMT, CIIT, CIMI

Swaddling is an ancient tradition of wrapping baby securely in her blanket. This can help your baby feel safe and secure as she begins to adjust to all of the new experiences around her and especially her new environment. Why Swaddle your Baby?

Your first concern as your baby's caregiver is helping her to feel safe and secure. However, there are also many other reasons why you might try swaddling her. You might try swaddling your baby if she is having trouble sleeping and becomes easily startled. Or if you believe that her own muscle movements may wake her. Also if your baby seems uncomfortable for no obvious reason swaddling may be a good idea. And sometimes babies don't like to feel their arms and legs freely moving, and would really enjoy the nice snug feeling of being hugged by their baby blanket.

Some tips about Swaddling your baby to Remember:

Swaddling is typically only effective for the first few weeks after birth. After your baby reaches about one month old, swaddling can restrict your baby's motor development.

In an especially warm room do not swaddle your baby as overheating has been shown as a SIDS risk factor.

Snug and secure is how swaddling should be, not loose. You want your baby to feel cuddled by her blanket.

If your baby doesn't enjoy being swaddled, this is perfectly normal. All babies are unique and special. Your baby is no exception. It is important to take the cues from your baby on what she likes best.

How-to Swaddle your baby in 7 easy steps:

1. Before swaddling, lay your baby's blanket on a flat surface.

2. Then fold one corner of the baby blanket.

3. Next, place your baby in the middle of the fold with her head just above the edge of the blanket.

4. Take the right corner of your blanket and gently wrap over baby's arm and tuck securely into the opposite side.

5. Then, take the bottom and fold upward to cover baby's feet and legs.

6. Take the left corner of blanket and gently wrap over baby's arm, tucking it around the opposite side as far under baby's back as it will go.

7. Keeping your little bundle snugly wrapped, pick her up and give a little kiss and hug.


If your baby wiggles her arms out of your nice snug swaddle while she sleeps. It is possible that your baby may not enjoy having her arms confined inside the blanket. If this is the case, try keeping her arms outside of the blanket when you wrap her.

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