Why You Need to Buy Health Insurance

by : Susan Dean

If you are an American citizen then you will certainly be aware of the fact that to obtain good health and hospital care you really need to buy health insurance. This is particularly true if you come down with a serious illness and no one is exempt from this possibility. There are many people who have had to go into bankruptcy because they could not afford to pay their hospital bills. However, lots of these same people could have afforded to buy health insurance in the beginning but chose not to. Now, of course there are people who genuinely cannot afford to do this.

Unfortunately the cost to do this is high. Some people are lucky enough to work for a company that offers to pay these costs but most do not have this option. For other people, their standard of living is that they prefer to have other things than to pay these costs. But in the end it will come back to bite them because at some time in their lives they will get sick.

I must admit that there are lots of people who have pre existing illnesses and this makes it very hard for them to buy health insurance because insurance companies do not want to cover people that they know will be really using their services. In other words they want healthy people not ill ones. So this another good reason to buy up now before you get sick because when you really do need it you may not be able to get it!

Once you have made up your mind to become insured then you should do your homework. You need to shop around not only on price but what you will be covered for and what conditions apply. This is very important because you are paying out a lot of money and you will want to know you are getting your money's worth.

You also need to think about your circumstances such as if you are single, married, have children or are elderly. Every situation is unique and there may be coverage that suits certain ones better and can be less expensive. Remember that once you are married and have children your chances of using the medical system will become much higher than before. Another important area is prescriptions. These can add up enormously and end up costing you a fortune especially when it is multiplied with having children.

Other countries will do things a little differently than the U.S. So depending on where you live things will differ. But in the end you will still have to buy health insurance if you want piece of mind and the guarantee of having the medical care that you deserve.