Protecting Your Good Credit

by : Tom Ambrozewicz

It's safe to say that if you have built a good credit score, you'd like to keep it that way. Who wouldn't? There are a few simple things to remember when you are maintaining your credit score. Even though some of them may seem too simple to even mention, unfortunately, life is sometimes just distracting enough to make you forget about your credit score completely. Don't fall into this bad habit. Maintaining your good credit is a matter of discipline.

Remember to make bill payments on time. This is crucial to keeping your credit score safe. It is almost like being in school again and showing off a great grade to your peers, because just like your peers, the creditors are just as proud of you for doing something great. By paying off your bills, not only are you preventing those annoying collection calls from occurring, you are improving your score. The reason for this is that when you are caught up with your bills, lenders see this as being a good sign that you will be able to pay back any money that you may request and will more than likely give you the money that you request because they know by your credit history that you are capable of making responsible payments. If you have had problems remembering when to pay bills before they are due, write them on the calendar every month. A simple reminder may be just what you need to help get those payments in on time.

If you have a good credit score, but can foresee rougher roads ahead, maybe you should consider debt consolidation. This is a way to combine all of your bills into one payment that is distributed amongst the companies that need to be paid. This takes all the guess work out of paying bills, no longer do you have to consider how much to pay and when to pay to whom. You see, even though you are paying what might appear to be a larger payment, in fact you are paying a lower payment to each individual company, but they are all getting their money on time. Creditors see this as being very responsible and it will most definitely improve your score or maintain an already satisfactory one.

Simply remembering to pay your bills on time can keep your score at a great level with no chance of falling. When you are responsible in bill payment your credit score will reflect just that-this is why it's called "Credit", because you are gaining person creditability for your financial history.