Your Annual Right to All Three Credit Scores

by : William Brooks

The Fair Credit Reporting Act covers consumers because their private information about them and their spending habits are collected and placed within these reports. These credit reports are then provided to lenders, credit card companies, insurance agencies and anyone who requests a copy to evaluate your application for credit.

A consumer can now receive a free copy of their reports every year to see exactly what information is placed about them on these reports. Any discrepancies or incorrect information can cause a consumer to have a low score, which hurts their chances of getting the credit or loans they need.

In order to protect the consumer, the Fair Credit Reporting Act was passed so that the consumer had the ability to change those discrepancies and fix their reports to reflect what is truly correct and get their credit scores raised.

When their scores reflect accurate information, their chances for getting the credit they need at a lower interest rate increase. To obtain your free copy of your credit reports, you can order it online, by phone or by filling out a form that allows you to order the report for free.

You'll need to provide some information to verify that you are who you say you are. Don't fall for websites that say they can get you a free copy of your report. Most of these sites are scams and will end up charging you for it in the long run.

Sometimes you'll be required to enroll in some program or purchase some product in order to get the free copy. It's best to deal with the credit reporting agencies yourself to receive your free copy by going to annual credit report's webpage.

After you receive your free copies and looked them over for items that you feel need to be changed, you can sign up with the credit reporting agencies to purchase another copy in 6 months or so, so that you can stay on top of what's being reported to the credit agencies.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act helps consumers by only allowing certain agencies to gain access to your credit information. Only lenders, credit card companies, insurers, employers and landlords can access your reports to determine eligibility for a loan, credit, etc. They cannot access your information without your consent.

When you apply for credit or a loan, you sign your consent when you sign the application. Potential employers will require you to sign a consent form before gaining employment. Exercise your right today to receive a free copy of your credit reports.