Important Advice About Establishing Credit For Your Business

by : Court Tuttle

Many people find it very difficult to start a new business or company. This is true in some cases, but obedience to a few simple rules will help make potential business owners more confidant and successful.

Despite the potential lack of business experience, however, people can overcome initial obstacles and therefore gain valuable experience in starting a business without the troubles and roadblocks that most first time business owners encounter. Here are a few steps in creating a professional business:

Tax ID

One step in making a business more professional, and especially legal, is to obtain an official tax I.D. number from the Internal Revenue Service. This process can also be very time consuming and tedious, but is crucial to the establishment of an official business and in gaining business credit.

Business Phone Number

With an official business license and tax I.D. number, a person can then start to complete some of the more interesting and exciting tasks of starting a business. One important factor to a business is having a professional and official business telephone number. Some people simply use their cell phones or even home phone numbers as the business phone number.

This is tacky and unprofessional, and completely eliminates the realism of a real business. A business owner should contact any major telephone company to setup and install a phone number that is attached to the name of the business. This simple task will greatly enhance the professionalism of your business and also initiate a person's business credit growth.

Business Address

Along with obtaining an official business phone number, the business owner should also seek to obtain an official business address. If the business or company is small enough, they can use mail service companies such as UPS, Fed ex, or the United States Postal Service. All of these mail companies cater to the needs of most small companies and businesses.

If the business is too big or complex, however, the owner must then establish an official business address by obtaining some sort of commercial property and building. Allowing customers and clients to visit a business at its real address can make a business very successful. This technique will greatly enhance the professionalism of a potential company and also help establish greater business credit.


One final task to perform would be to create an official website for the business. This would allow the marketing affairs of the company to be successful smoothly and also establishes credibility with a much broader audience. This would increase the popularity of the company and help advertise its services to more people.

LLC Or Incorporate?

The most important task that is necessary to complete, and also probably the least favorite for most people, is filling out the proper paperwork that makes a business official and legal. Depending on the type of business model that has been created, which should be organized and prepared far in advance of the necessary paperwork, a person should complete the official documents that qualifies their business as incorporate or LLC.