Bankruptcy Credit Report - Know the Facts

by : John Mcfadden

Bankruptcy Credit Report information is essential before filing for Chapter 13 which should be your last resort. The essential action you do BEFORE filing for Bankruptcy is to get a Credit Report on your financial situation. From here there are many debt reduction strategies you can enact well before you hit the fatal Chapter 13 button, however if you do have to file for bankruptcy then be sure to know the best way to go about it.

Bankruptcy Credit Report - Get and Review your Credit Report.
The three main sources of obtain your Credit Report from are Experian (formally TRW), then Equifax, and Trans Union. They will provide information on your Credit including all loans, such as House and Car loans. They will also have information on your Credit Credit debts and any other smaller loans. If you don't ask for you Credit Score you can obtain these Credit Reports for Free.

Debt Reduction Bankruptcy Credit Report
There are so many avenues you can pressure to find out ways around filing for Bankruptcy. Remember that If you file for Bankruptcy then your record will stay on public records for up to ten years, It will stay on Credit reports for around seven. One good point to note that is you can still access credit from financial institutions during this time period. Because your past debts have now been paid and you don't owe any money on them, as long as you prove that you are generating a good income and have since built up a bit of a savings history especially in the last six months then yo might find yourself in a bit of luck.

The many ways you can try do reduce your debts include the following:
Try calling up each of your Creditors and ask for an offer for settling today. This method has been known to work and can reduce your loan repayment amount to 85% of the total - you could even go lower - like any negation process try and go for the lowest amount without being to outrageous, anywhere form 50% and upwards, your repayment history and likely hood of repayment should way in as factors. If you are about to go into Bankruptcy and they think that too then it's better they get some money compared to nothing, so they could take you up on the offer.

Bankruptcy Credit Report - Facts

Did you know that Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for bankruptcy.

Types of Bankruptcy

There are two types of Bankruptcy
Chapter 7 bankruptcy is when a court appoints a Trustee. This Trustee can liquidate or even sell valuables that you own to pay your creditors.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy is when debt is consolidated into a single monthly payment. Which can go on for no longer longer than five years. You don't have to repay all of your debt only as much as you can afford.