ABA Approved Paralegal Program

by : Joann Cheong

In order for you to qualify with the Certified Legal Assistant Examination (CLEA) so you can eventually be licensed by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), make sure that what you will be taking up is an ABA approved paralegal program. ABA stands for American Bar Association, a prestigious organization of lawyers in the United States.

Athens Technical College
Located in Georgia, Athens Technical College is among those that provide ABA approved paralegal program. It is a public institution that has a minimum length of four quarters to finish the course.
Athens Technical College classes are both in the morning and evening. With an online preparatory module, its class size is only up to 18 students that highlights on quality instruction in clusters or 1- on- 1. The faculty is composed of licensed attorneys that had an extensive training in law practice and paralegal management.

Burlington County College
Located in New Jersey, Burlington County College is among those that provide ABA paralegal program. They have an Associate of Applied Science program that will prepare their students to become efficient legal assistants.
Burlington County College also gives its students the chance to shift to the Bachelors degree even in the semester of graduation. It requires the completion of about twelve law- related, two business and seven general education subjects. Provided during evening time, each are taught by practicing attorneys and licensed paralegals.

Cerritos Community College
Located in California, Cerritos Community College is among those that provide ABA program. They require a minimum time of two years to finish their program.
Cerritos Community College is just twenty minutes away from Los Angeles and Orange County. They have a strong internship program with about thirty- five locations that accept their students be it in law firms, local courts and aid offices. Their two full- time faculty members are legitimate attorneys that have an experience not just in the United States but also abroad.

Denver Career College
Located in Colorado, Denver Career College is among those that provide ABA program. It is a private and proprietary school that offers a Post- degree Certificate in Paralegal Studies. Their internship is mandatory which will be able to equip their students with what awaits them outside the four walls of the academe.
Denver Career College was founded in 1977 and received the endorsement of the American Bar Association two years after. Their day program can be finished in about six months which consists of the practicum outside with an evening module in eleven months. They also grant assistance projects for their graduates so they can find an initial occupation.