Video Conferencing VS Traditional Phone Conference

by : Steven Long

Over the years, many people have found that long-distance conferences simply aren't an ideal alternative to business travel. This is because such conferences have traditionally taken place over the telephone and have been solely voice-based. Understandably, telephone conferences lack the personal and engaging quality of on-site meetings and, therefore, just don't measure up. However, businesses now have far better options when it comes to holding long-distance meetings, thanks in large part to the rise of video conferencing solutions and technologies. This method of communicating is becoming more and more popular among all types of businesses, and one reason for this is the fact that video conferencing allows for a more personal connection than a traditional phone conference.

In many situations, telephone meetings simply aren't sufficient because they don't allow for anywhere near the same level of interactivity as on-site meetings do. If you want to make a strong impression on a client or engage an audience so that you can be sure that your message is making an impact, a visual connection is extremely important. With a traditional telephone conference, there’s simply no opportunity to make eye contact and it's harder to relate to the other meeting participants. Video conferencing, however, eliminates such barriers created by geographical distances and allows people to interact as naturally as if everyone was in the same office.

This means that you can make eye contact with clients and colleagues and keep business face-to-face. Business people in every industry understand the value of this, as the strength or weakness of a personal connection can make or break a deal. Moreover, building strong relationships helps to create a loyal customer base and will keep clients returning to your company for services. By integrating video conferencing solutions into the operations of your business, you can enjoy the benefits of productive meetings and strong business relationships without having to waste precious time and money by constantly traveling around to different locations. In short, video conferences and conferencing technologies allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Since video conferencing greatly reduces the need for business travel without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of communications with clients, colleagues and employees, this method of communication has proved to be very attractive in various industries around the world. Thus, it's not surprising that video conferences are becoming more and more commonplace. While this increasing popularity is largely due to the previously mentioned benefits, it's also partly a result of recent technological evolutions. Previously, integrating video conferencing capabilities into an office required great expense, cumbersome equipment and a high level of technical knowledge and skill. However, the related equipment and processes are now much more simplified. As a result, it's now far easier and more affordable to take advantage of video conferences.

There are also very reliable and highly respected providers of video conferencing solutions and services to help you make the transition to video meetings. With the help of a provider that offers quality products in addition to a high standard of customer care and support, your video conferencing experiences can be simple, convenient and extremely rewarding. Now that conferencing technologies are so much more accessible and it's so much easier incorporate conferencing solutions into business operations, there's no longer any reason for companies to sacrifice time and money on traveling or to sacrifice the quality of meetings by limiting them to voice-only communication. No matter what type of conferences and collaborations are necessary for the smooth operation of your business, video conferencing solutions can work for you.

From keeping you connected to your sales team while they're out in the field to showcasing products to clients and associates all around the world, video conferences will allow you to communicate your message effectively and efficiently. This type of long-distance communication is also ideal for conducting face-to-face interviews, linking business teams, strategizing and staying connected with employees no matter where they may be located. In fact, video conferencing is ideal for many different uses and situations, and it offers a high level of versatility and flexibility so you can have your services tailored to meet your particular needs.

With video conferencing solutions offering businesses so many outstanding benefits, it's really not surprising how popular this mode of communication has become in recent years. Of course, one of the most valuable benefits of such conferences is the fact that they allow participants to create a personal connection and to interact with others at a high level, despite geographical separation. Since it's so important to be able to engage and connect with others in order to promote the success of businesses, it's easy to understand why video conferences are greatly preferred by many companies over traditional telephone conferences.