What to Look for in Student Credit Cards

by : Morgan Hamilton

If you are planning to get one of your offspring student credit cards, one that has low limits would be ideal. Low limits would teach them how to be responsible in using credit cards. High limits can certainly be tempting to a young adult and will often just cause trouble. I always tell my son to prioritize things that are needed in earning his degree like school materials and textbooks.

Looking for student credit cards that offer the best interest rates can also be of great help. This would save money and you can even get credit cards that offer no interest rates in the first few months. My son took advantage of these credit cards by using them to buy much needed text books and other school materials.

Student credit cards can also have rewards promos. Some use points system that are earned with each credit card use and if you are able to amass enough points you may convert them for a variety of items. Find credit cards that have rewards that appeal to your college student to enrich his credit card experience.

Another vital quality you should look for are security features. Look for student credit cards with Lost Card policies to protect your college student. Theft is rampant nowadays and absent minded college students often misplace valuables like credit cards. Prevent others from cashing in your students credit card by choosing only credit cards with solid protection.

Cards with online management accounts conveniently allow your college student to keep track of his account online. This way he wont need to travel to credit card companies or transactions saving him a significant amount of time. Time is really important for students and my son frequently complains that he never has enough time to accommodate his activities. Be a responsible parent by facilitating your college students academic experience through reliable and safe student credit cards