Raising Children

by : Melissa Fishman

Raising children is the most important job in the world. Raising children is a wonderful and challenging life experience. Here's the problem: people assume that raising children is only the job of the women, men do not take child raising seriously in our culture. If raising children is so hard, why do people still want to have kids? Downgrading the importance of raising children is the greatest evil of our times. It is time to face it, raising children is the responsibility of parents. Raising children is a never-ending job. Raising children is much harder than it looks, but with patience and hope, children can mature into very emotionally-secure adults.

Child care is a partnership. Child care is a necessary part of life for many families. First-time parents explore and document the care and development of a human baby. Do you feel comfortable with someone else taking care of your child? Taking care of yourself is a vital part of keeping your child safe. No job is more important to you than taking care of your own child. I don't think that the care of children should be gender specific.

Parents play a very important role in when raising children in a safe and loving home homes. Parents recognize and deal with their children's most challenging traits in a positive manner. Parents earning low or moderate incomes are under extreme pressure to meet the costs of raising children and overall household expenses. All parents face challenges in raising children. Parents decide to accept the responsibility of raising children. Therefore, workshop models for teaching parents how to cope with the stress associated with raising children has been developed.

Good child care provides parents with an extended family to help share in the challenges and joys of raising children. Creating a stable family environment and raising children should be a joy. It recognizes the critical role that the family plays in American society and in raising children. Poor family values and poor communication skills with children is what leads children to rebel. Siblings can cause many joys and frustrations in any family. It is difficult to balance this philosophy with a family life that places value on raising children.

Raising children is not an easy task. Raising children is at heart a practice that engages and embodies a rich variety of developed and undeveloped theories. The smartest advice on raising children is to enjoy them while they are still on your side. Like all parents, they have found that raising children is both challenging and unpredictable. It seems to me that raising children is a catch-22 when it comes to finances.