Avoiding Tooth Decay In Children

by : Frank Denber

The best way avoiding tooth decay lies in establishing positive habits. This is especially important for children who must learn that frequent teeth brushing and eating the right food is important to maintain healthy white teeth.

Bad teeth are always caused by eating the wrong food and not cleaning the teeth. First of all your children should brush teeth at least twice a day, but better after each meal. Replace the toothbrush every month because of the bacteria that will grow on the tooth brush over time. Also the bristles become ineffective and can even hurt the gum.

There are also bacteria on your tongue. Brush your tongue or use a tongue cleaner. A dental floss is important to remove dirt between your teeth which couldn't be reached by your tooth brush.

Don't use refined sugar in any form. Sweeties are very bad for your teeth and accelerates tooth decay. Also drinks like Cola or Fanta contain lots of sugar and are not healthy at all. It's very difficult for children to give up on sweeties.

Our body gets used to the strong sweetness of candies similar to an addiction. There are some easy but effective ways to reduce this strong desire.

The first step in avoiding a bad habit and replacing it by a good habit is to make it more difficult to do whats bad for us. Just erect barriers in front of the bad habits. That means when your children are addicted to chocolate for instance, then make it more difficult to get to chocolate. Make sure that there is no chocolate in the house at all or just a little. Make sure they have no money to buy it. Often we just eat sweeties because they lie around everywhere and are so easy to reach. Not matter how much they beg, there is no chocolate left. Period.

However, this was just the first step. In the second step we must replace the chocolate with something else what is similar but much healthier. The body wants something sweet. The best would be fresh fruits which give the body the sugar it demands. A fresh cup of orange juice is a great choice. Or make sure your children have always access to a bowl of fresh fruits which is cut into nice little pieces. Make it easy for them to eat the right things and make it difficult to get the bad things.

For the first days where the desire for some strong sweetness is still big, give your children dried fruits. They are very sweet as well, especially dried dates. After a few days you and your children will notice that you don't look our for sweeties so much anymore. And even when you eat them, you recognize that they are too sweet and that you don't like them that much anymore.

Tooth decay can be easily avoided with such simple steps. There is no punishment or strong will needed when you follow simple rules. It's difficult just in the beginning but then gets easier with every time. Healthy white teeth are important today and can avoid painful and expensive visits at your dentist.