Problems in HP5L and HP6L laser printer

by : Jestine Yong

If it spoilt, few sheets of paper will be pulled instead of one whenever you send a printer command. This sometimes will caused the papers to jammed up. For the worst case, it will spoil your heating/fuser sleeve. The price of a heating element is more expensive than a separation pad. There is one temporary way that you can use to solve the problem stated without buying a new separation pad. The process of removing and changing the separation pad is just easy and fast. Firstly, remove the rubber pad from the holder. Be careful while you're removing because you mighttorn the rubber into pieces. Secondly, clean the holder to prevent any dirt or glue sticking on it. After that, apply a small amount of super glue that is just enough to cover the full surface of the rubber pad.Finally, reversed the rubber pad and stick it back to the holder. Please ensure that the surface should face upward before you stick the rubber pad. It will work as good as a new one.

Note: If you are servicing the printer for your customerArticle Search, I'll recommend you to replace a new one for them unless you’re maintaining and servicing your own laser printer.