Canon All In One Printer Reviews and Buying Advice

by : Justin Brown

A multifunction printer is probably the best option if you're planning to get one for your home or office. And when we say multifunction printer, the Canon All In One printer is your best choice. The All In One printers of Canon offer many models to choose from. One of the models is the Canon Pixma MP830 Office ALL-IN-ONE Multifunction printer.The Pixma MP830 is a fast printer, and of course, quality is guaranteed. It can print 30 ppm for black and white files and 24 ppm for files that come in other colors. It has a maximum resolution of 9600x2400 dpi. The printer has a scanner with an optical resolution maximum at 2400x4800 dpi and 48-bit internal color depth. The scanner that comes with the printer has a 2.5-inch LCD screen, which is very useful for images that you might need to monitor while you are printing them. If you need to edit some images in the files that you are about to print, this LCD screen comes in handy as well.Another wonderful addition to this printer is that you can actually connect your camera or camcorder directly. That's right; as long as the camera or camcorder is very much compatible with PictBridge, you can connect it to this printer and have your stored files printed pronto! The InkJet Nozzle Engineering technology is another unique feature that comes with this printer. This technology utilizes over 3,500 nozzles that are responsible for the ultra-accurate and precise appropriation of ink in the right spots, giving you image prints you would definitely love.The printer has its own built-in memory, which is very useful for storing data. It can hold speed dial codes up to 100, which means it can process 250 incoming pages in a single sitting. Printing 250 sheets sure eats up a lot of time when done on your ordinary printer, but with the Pixma MP830, you save precious time. With this new age of technology where almost everything relies on the memory features and capabilities of a device, the Pixma MP830 is designed compatible with Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick Duo Pro, Memory Stick Duo, MultiMediaCard, mini SD Card, and Microdriver. That's a whole lot of gadgets you can use with this wonderful printer.The Canon All In One printer again comes in many different models and the Pixma MP830 is just one of them. You can find the other models on the web or by going to nearest local computer shop.