Chromatography - a glance from XXI century

by : Aram Hayrapetyan

Dear Colleague!


I am sure it interests You - especially in attaining a maximum efficiency of the chromatographic column in use. It should be acknowledged that not all has been done yet in this field of chromatography. That's why the proposed technology has a high significance.
Thus a new basis has been opened from which the whole philosophy of the theory of Chromabarography can be easily developed as an entity, and I suppose in the near future we shall have experimentally confirmed such a theory of chromatography which will evidently be similar to geometry.

I hope I managed
You to get
with the advantages
of the new
basic technology
of chromatography -
(Hayrapetyan's Effect).
It is interesting, do you not think so?

It follows to note that the virtually presented information about chromabarography opens only the top of the iceberg.
I think you will evaluate and determine yourself the diagnosis of the contemporary state of the competitiveness of the chromatographic apparatus and of the technologies applied and will get measured answers for the main questions:

Where are You?
Where are the others?!
What do they offer and where to move from here? ...
... and on this basis will make a choice of the purposes of competitive strategy:
Your firm's development, preservation of its goodwill;
organizations of researches for the creation and manufacture of more modern means of analytical instrument-making with the use of the basic technology - Chromabarography;

development of original, high-effective methods of chromatographic analysis, etc.

And in this is concluded my aim!

So, the choice is Yours ...

With best regardsArticle Search,

Aram Hayrapetyan