PDA Cell Phones - The new generation of wireless phones

by : Caitlin Crosain

It's time you know what the latest technological gadget is. Infact, this new toy is buzzing everywhere nowadays. PDA cellphones are popping up more and more in the market place. Youngor old, maybe you should be asking yourself whether this newcellular phone is something you should consider owning? Well, ifyou're unsure about whether a PDA mobile phone is the rightpiece of hardware for you, don't be. Read on and find outeverything you need to know about these great wireless phones!Many consumers understand the value of owning a mobile phonetoday. They are really convenient and easy to use. We almosttake them for granted because they're extremely affordable toown and maintain. They come with tons of loaded features to helpmake our lives that much easier. They store phone numbers andaddresses, can link you to the Internet, can download your emailon a whim, and allow you to chat on Instant Messenger with yourclosest loved ones whenever you want. Bored? Not when you own acellular phone, equipped with the latest games, cool polyphonicring tones, and picture messaging. Use it to take notes, andkeep you up to date with important meetings. There is simplynothing that a cell phone cannot do nowadays. They even takepictures and video images - and to think, these nifty littletoys can be held, literally, in the palm of your hand. Well, thenewest trend to hit our palms is the PDA wireless phone - betterknown as a personal digital assistant. Imagine combining theconvenience of a cell phone with the reliability of a PDA - it'sa match made in heaven! Here's why. First of all, PDA's are veryportable. You can take them anywhere! They fit in your purse,briefcase, even your own pocket. They're also very durable, sothey're built to last! PDA's are also pretty inexpensive thesedays. You can get yourself a pretty decent and affordablepersonal digital assistant for about $150. Once you get one,you'll realize just how amazing these devices really are! Theseawesome gadgets store your personal and professionalinformation, at the touch of a button! Wireless PDA's are alsoprogrammable. You can run the most popular of applications on apalm pilot, allowing you to interact with your home or officecomputer. You can store documents, graphics, notes - thepossibilities are endless, and transferring information from onemedium to another is a breeze! What does it mean when youcombine the power of a PDA with a mobile phone? Pure magic!There are many companies offering this innovative product. Checkit out! PalmOne makes a PDA cell phone that makes it easier thanever for consumers to keep their business and personal life inorder without all the excess bulk! Remember, these phones arecompatible with either Macs or PCs, making it simple for you todownload information when you need it the most. Key features onthese types of phones include a mini "qwerty" keyboard fortyping notes, Bluetooth technology, USB capability, and lithiumpowered batteries. Many of these PDA mobiles also include MP3features! It's all you'll ever need to get through your day withease! Many people may even consider getting rid of their mobilephones and replacing it with these new PDA cell phones. If youthink about it, you really don't need much else! Tons ofAmericans walk around with briefcases or purses full of gadgetsthat only store a certain type of information. At one time, acell phone was used primarily to make or receive calls. Now,times have changed. Long gone are the days when mobiles werebulky, heavy, and inadequate. As you may know, cell phones havemarked their way into the world today, helping millions ofpeople get what they need in their professional and personallives. Not only do cell phones help us when we're in a bind,they keep us well in tuned with the world. We can access thedaily news, read our horoscopes, check movie listings, and somuch more. Keep your address book updated with your contacts.Store email addresses, contact names, phone numbers - the sky isthe limit! In fact, there's nothing a cell phone can't do thesedays! Without a doubt, cellular phones definitely enhance ourlives. They can notify us when we have an important meeting ordate coming up. You'll never forget a friend or loved one'sbirthday again! They come equipped with cool features, such asunique ring tones, games, and colour screens. Want to getonline? No problem! You can picture message your friends, sendtext messages on the fly, even go online and download your emailmessages. These features come in handy, especially whentravelling. In fact, many mobiles today are designed to be usedanywhere around the world! So, there's no need to worry aboutbringing a day planner or agenda to keep track of your to dolist. A cell phone is all you need! Now, you can enjoy theconvenience and affordability of combining your heavily used andmuch needed cell phone with a practicality of a PDA or portablehand held system. Look around - you'll soon see that manypopular cellular phone carriers are carrying PDA cell phones,all equipped with different, but important features. In fact,customers can pick and choose which PDA phone best suits theirneeds. It's all too simple! However, one thing is clear - owninga PDA mobile is an effective way to keep your business sorted.Imagine just how much information these powerful tools store!Cell phones are extremely practical but their downside is thatthey can only store so much information! For example, mostmobile phones come with phone books that store between 100-500contact entries. Certainly not enough when you're building alist of personal and professional contacts. Having a PDA cellphone is like carrying around a mini computer in your pocket andthe possibilities are surely endless! While it can't fix yourfamily meals every night or make the kids go to bed, it willkeep you and your family extremely organized and in tune withwhat's going on day to day! While a PDA cellular phone is usedprimarily for professional use, take advantage of the many funfeatures it has to offer. If you ever wanted to own an MP3player, there's no need to buy one on its own! Some PDA mobilescome with a Windows Media Player device to keep you occupiedwith your favourite tunes during the day! If you're travellingand are looking to maximize your time, surf the Internet. Evenbetter, catch up on your emails! It's like taking your office onthe road, wherever you go, whenever you go! If you're worriedabout using your PDA too much - don't! Many PDA cell phones willgive you somewhere along the lines of 250 minutes of talk timeand 240 hours of standby time. Keeping spare chargers and a basecharger is always convenient to ensure that you'll never gowithout your phone when you need it the most! You'll enjoytypical features, such as a speakerphone, vibrating ringers,text capability, and Internet options. Connect using Outlook,and you'll never have to search for a phone number or emailaddress again! Store it once and forget about it! For thoseindividuals who are constantly travelling and on the road or inthe sky, a PDA mobile phone makes sense. It's the perfect giftand travel companion! Sometimes, it can be difficult to take abreak from your day to find an Internet café or office that willallow you to connect and check your email and importantmessages. Now, imagine being able to access your informationfrom anywhere in the world! You could be having dinner, in acar, or in between meetings, and you'll never miss thoseimportant messages ever again! It's important to note, your PDAcell phone contains the Internet, which will allow you to surfthe web. So, now you can book your hotel reservations, find aphone number for a taxi, look for a restaurant in your area -it's all possible without having to exhaust other options! Syncyour phone with your laptop, and access your work, no matterwhere you are. Access flight information with the touch of abutton! Get movie listings and find out where some of the bestattractions are when you're visiting a new town. It's obviousthat owning a PDA cell phone has its advantages. Remember, PDAphones are extremely lightweight and portable. So much power forsuch a tiny device - and to think, many phones will give you theoption to add more memory if you need it, for additionalstorage! It's also good to know that many companies will alsothrow in extra cellular accessories, such as a headset, leathercase, belt clip or hand strap. These always come in handy toprotect and maintain the look of your equipment. They're alsovery suitable when on the road. Having a headset allows you touse your phone while on the road keeping you safe as you drivewith both hands on the wheel! If you're going to use your phoneon the road while driving, at least be safe! Be conscious ofyourself and the other drivers around you! It doesn't stopthere! You can upgrade to a Bluetooth headset, or considerbuying an extra adapter, charger, or magnet mount antenna set.You could also consider getting a starter kit that comes withthe essentials to make the most out of your PDA cellular phone.One thing is for sure. The rave about PDA cell phones issweeping the nation. Stop and think for a moment. Many peoplecarry around more than one of the following - a cell phone, anagenda or journal, a PDA system, a camera, an MP3 player. Well,all you need is the PDA mobile! It will replace all of theserather expensive items and provide for its consumers theconvenience of owning the best all-in-one device to ever hit themarket!