Camera Cell Phones - Say it With Pictures!

by : Caitlin Crosain

Camera cell phones are sweeping the nation! In fact, long goneare the days when a telephone is used for the sole purpose ofspeaking to another person. Cell phone cameras are all the rageand you'll soon understand why! These days, people are usingphones for all sorts of things! It is without a doubt, one ofthe greatest inventions that we're able to enjoy today. We useit as a form of communication. We're able to speak with ourloved ones and stay connected on a daily basis. We use it everyday to conduct business on a local, national, and internationalscale. It is so quick and easy to use - it's no wonder whypeople depend on their cell phones every day! Imagine a day inthe life without a phone. We wouldn't be able to keep abreast ofwhat's going on. Now, imagine not having a telephone in yourhome or place of business. We would be completely lost if weweren't able to communicate with other people in a quick andefficient manner. Now, enter the cell phone and imagine thepossibilities! Millions of Americans have. We use cellularphones to our advantage because they're compact, and mostimportantly, mobile! We can take it anywhere we want - whetherin the States, Canada, or abroad. So, there's no excuse to stayin touch with your loved ones! You can conduct business at anytime of the day or night because you'll always have some form ofmobile service as you roam from country to country. Owning amobile phone is like having a personal organizer all to yourself- a trusty friend that will never let you down when you need itthe most! Millions of Americans use wireless phones for manyreasons - all of which are valid and effective as a method ofcommunication. Many business savvy people use their cellularphones to log onto the Internet. They use their mobiles to checkand send email messages, send and receive text and picturemessages, access their personal and professional contacts, andkeep organized daily. Even more, they're fun to use! First ofall, cell phones nowadays come small and compact. You can fitthem into your briefcase or pant pocket! Women love that theycan fit their mobile phones in the smallest of purses withoutany trouble whatsoever! Keep track of special birthdays andagenda items, make memos, download special ring-tones, and playgames. Now, they'll take your picture too, so you can capturethat precious moment in time that you'll never get again! Howmany times have you been somewhere and missed having your camerahandy? It's true that we don't always think to bring a camerawhen we leave our homes every day. Why would we? Then again, younever know when you'll need a camera in the case of anemergency. This is why owning a camera phone is so convenient!Now there's no need to carry around bulky and expensive photoequipment, when you can have a camera built into your cell phone- and we all know that once you own a wireless phone, it neverleaves your sight! People come to rely on their phones a lot,especially for work. If you're the type of person that travelsfrequently, having access to email doesn't always cut it. Ifyou're on a plane, you may not be able to access the Internetfrom 40,000 feet above. What if your Internet server was downwhen you were trying to send an important message? Your emailmay end up getting delayed, costing you precious time when youcould have just picked up the phone and conducted your businessyourself through the tried and true telephone! There is no needfor hesitation. This is the reason why more and more peopletoday are realizing the benefits of owning the ever-so-popularmulti-functional cellular phone. Mobile phones are there for youwhen you need them the most! If you're at the grocery and needto call home, no problem! If you're in the car running late andon you're way to pick up your children, no problem! You'd justpick up your telephone and it's done. Remember how much timeyou'd expend looking for a pay phone when you needed it themost? Take a look around! You won't see many pay phones anymore,simply because there's no need! Young and old alike are usingcellular phones for their own personal and professional benefit.Owning a wireless phone is just too convenient to consideralternative options! Now you can own one too! If you have thenotion in your head that a cellular camera phone will be way tooexpensive to afford, think again! They're becoming more and moreinexpensive because they're being made in such large quantities,and Americans are picking them up like hotcakes! People see thevalue in these tiny photo devices! Don't be fooled. These phonesmay be small, but they pack a lot of power! Most camera phonestoday come with at least two mega-pixels. Some even record videoimages! Once you've captured a shot on your cell phone camera,the fun begins! Take your photo, and just as you would with adigital image, create your own work of art! Customize yourphotograph as you see fit. Reduce red eye, brighten or sharpenyour picture, or crop and resize. It's all up to you! Then, youcan take that image and store it on your phone! Now you'llalways have that very special photo to take with you whereveryou go! Better yet, share your image with a friend and spreadthe love! It's so easy to enjoy cell phone cameras, no matterwho you are. These amazing little telephones come in anassortment of sizes, weights, and colors, equipped with avariety of features perfectly suited to meet your needs. Whetheryou use your cellular phone for business or professional use,there's something out there for you! Imagine the convenience andthe money you'll save. It's important to know that digitalcameras are dominating the market today. They're handy,affordable, easy to use, and inexpensive to maintain. Cellularcamera phones are no different! With digital photos taken onyour camera phone, you can print your images quickly andeffortlessly. Print your favorite photos on professional photopaper in the comfort of your own home. Why not save it to diskand share it online with friends and family. The sky is thelimit! More importantly, you'll end up saving money! Think aboutit. With a digital camera phone, you can view your images rightaway! That means that if you don't like a picture that you took,you can easily delete it. If you like it, store it and enjoy it!Remember, when you use a manual camera that requires film, youhave no choice but to send it off to the lab for printing.You'll end up paying for every single shot, whether good or bad.With digital images, you have the freedom to print what YOU wantinstantly, hence saving you valuable money and precious time!Why spend your time waiting to get your prints back from yourvacation or a work function, when you can access them instantlyon your phone camera! Choose from top of the line cellularcamera phones today! Again, these phones are being made to servethe general population, so it'll be important for consumers todo their research before settling on a make and model. If it'simportant for you to have high quality shots taken on yourcellular phone with a camera, make sure that your telephonecomes with at least 2 mega-pixels for high quality shots. It maybe a little more expensive than the typical mobile phone,without the camera feature, but it's proving to be well worth it- and if you're a new subscriber, you may get the deal of alifetime! You could easily get your wireless camera phone forfree if you sign a contract! Typically, higher end phones willalso come equipped with many valuable features that one can useat their discretion. Undoubtedly, it is truly amazing whatwireless mobile phones can do nowadays. Without question, cellphones are being used as a highly effective method ofcommunication. Adding a camera feature to that list onlyenhances your already stellar communication device. So, ifyou're thinking about getting yourself one of these amazingwireless camera phones, this is what you need to look for.First, you'll need to pick from a wide variety of reputablecellular carriers. Narrow it down to a couple of your favoritecompanies. Ask your friends and colleagues to give you feedbackabout their phone and cellular carriers. It's always best to goright to the source. If someone is happy with their service,they will let you know! It's also important to note that most ofthe bigger cell phone companies typically offer Americans thesame types of deals. So, if you're looking for more minutesduring the day, free nation-wide long distance, or evening andweekend minutes, choose wisely! Many companies offer the sametypes of phones, so it's best to choose what cell phone companywill best suit your needs first. This also means decidingwhether you want to go monthly or with a prepaid cell phoneplan. Again, the choice is up to you! Going monthly offersconsumers more value and bang for their buck, but some consumerscan't justify all the minutes and features. Some people usetheir phones in the case of an emergency only and don't want tobe burdened with monthly charges. Whatever suits your fancy,pick the phone, company, and cellular phone plan that rings trueto your heart! Whether you choose a Sprint, Nokia, SonyEricsson, or Motorola phone - be rest assured that you'll have agreat phone to call your very own! So, get out there and exploreyour options. You'll be surprised at just how much is readilyavailable for consumers like yourself to enjoy! Let yourcellular phone work FOR you. Use it as a personal organizer.Take pictures when you please. Get online! Most importantly,stay in touch! The lines of communication are open and ready forthe taking. So what are you waiting for?