VoIP Softphones: Cheapest Option for the Constant Traveler

by : Jeremy Maddock

If you're one of those people who's constantly on the move, but needs a cheap way to communicate with the world, VoIP softphones might be for you.

The definition of a softphone is, quite simply, a piece of software that allows users to make phone calls directly from their computers. Skype's popular SkypeOut service, for example, is an example of a softphone.

Another example would be the PC-to-Phone software offered by , which gives users 500 minutes of anytime local or long distance calling at a cost of just $9.99/month.

And the best part is that you don't even need a laptop to make use of this useful new technology. With Skype and many other VoIP applications now available for PDAs, it is quite possible to turn your Wi-Fi-enabled handheld computer into a low-cost mobile phone at a moment's notice.

All in all, VoIP softphone technology has emerged as an extremely effective way for the tech-savvy international traveler to save a significant amount of money on their communication costs.

(Originally published by TeleClick.ca)