ABTA Says Travel Insurance Costly But Essential

by : Arouse

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has said that while purchasing travel insurance may be viewed as an additional expense for those planning already expensive holidays, taking out adequate protection is an essential course of action for those booking a trip away.

According to Sean Tipton, press officer at the organisation, travelling abroad either on business or pleasure without first taking out insurance would be "extremely foolish". He added that the risks associated with travel would be magnified for those who planned to take adventurous breaks.

For those who are already struggling with the costs of travel, Mr Tipton asserted that while a saving of 30 or 40 pounds could be made, uninsured travellers could end up being forced to sell their house to cover the costs of medical expenses in the event of an accident. Consumers eager to ensure that they travel in safety may wish to consider taking out a personal loan to meet the full costs of taking a dream holiday while protecting against nightmare scenarios.

"The worst case scenario is that if you broke your leg skiing in America and you didn't have insurance then you would be talking about a bill for tens of thousands of dollars. If it was a very bad break then they might decide that you should be flown back to the UK in an air ambulance and then you're getting into a hundred thousand potentially. [If you didn't take out insurance] you would save 30 or 40 pounds for an insurance policy but you run the risk of having to sell your house to pay the bill and travelling uninsured is just a very foolish thing to do to," Mr Tipton explained.

Research by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has shown that travellers from both younger and older generations are choosing to take adventure holidays. Statistics from the government body suggest that 17 per cent of 18 to 35-year-olds took a jet-skiing holiday and 14 per cent chose to go rock climbing or mountaineering at the last minute. Meanwhile, it was also reported that 20 per cent of over-55s took risks on holiday that they would not consider at home. Furthermore, the office revealed that 65 per cent of people in this age bracket travelled without travel insurance protection. It was also shown that older generations who did take out cover while travelling were three times more likely to make a claim than younger age groups. Average insurance costs for the older age bracket were said to be around three and a half times more expensive than the usual policy for someone aged 18 to 24.

For those struggling to meet the cost of an inflated travel insurance policy, a personal loan may be of assistance in providing the capital to allow people to take a holiday with the peace of mind provided by robust insurance protection.

In other holiday news, it was revealed last month by MyChild that summer vacations remain sacrosanct for many British families despite growing concerns about being able to manage various areas of personal expenditure.