Dora?s Coloring Pages

by : Low Jeremy

Every kid wants to explore the exquisiteness of coloring books. There is something in colors which make children crave for a box of crayons or a set of water colors.

It is believed that there is a greater possibility that you build your child’s creativity whenever you expose him to the world of coloring. Nowadays, there are different selections of coloring pages available in the market which you can purchase for your child. You can even print it out of your computer which will save you a lot of money. One such is all about “Dora the Explorer."

There are numerous coloring pages with Dora the Explorer. Here are some suggested and well-loved pages:

Dora’s Pirate Adventure

It is a nine-page coloring material which portrays drawing about Dora’s adventure with pirates. This type of coloring pages is available online. You can print it for your child.

Dora and Friends

If your child is fond with Dora and her friends, you can opt to give him a coloring book which has drawings about Dora and her friends. Your child will have the opportunity to give color to Boots with his red booties or to Swiper with his villain smile.

All about Dora

Dora is the all-time favorite of your kid; hence a good present will be an All about Dora coloring book. This type of coloring materials represents Dora in her every pose. There is a playful Dora or a worried Dora.

Dora and Backpack

You can also opt to give your child a book with coloring pages about Dora and her backpack. However there are limited figures to color if you choose this type of material since it mainly tackles about Dora and her backpack.

Benefits of Dora’s Coloring Pages

There are many posed benefits for your child if you encourage him into the world of Dora’s coloring pages. You may want to look into some of its benefits:

•It is a good art introduction to your child. Normally Dora’s coloring pages have big drawings which makes coloring easy for your kid.

•Your child will be familiar with colors. If you will properly guide him, he can even mix and experiment with different colors and form secondary colors.

•The child’s verbal skills are also developed with Dora’s coloring pages. As your child goes along with coloring, you can ask him what he thinks the picture is all about.

•It gives your child a venue for fun learning.

•It may also serve as “bonding session" between you and your child if you decide to help him with the coloring process.

Sources of Dora’s Coloring Pages

Do not think that a physical coloring book is your only source to achieve Dora’s coloring pages. Nowadays, with the advent of technology you can obtain coloring pages via the Internet.

Another option apart from coloring books are your coloring materials printed out off the computer. There are websites who offer free Dora’s coloring pages. All you need to do is print it out and your child will have hours of exciting coloring.

Dora the Explorer is a cartoon character which can motivate your child to color for long hours and cultivate his imagination with colors and drawing interpretations.

Let your child pick which color he wants – red, yellow, blue or others.