Baby Monitors: Which One To Choose

by : Christine Loxley

You go to the store to purchase a baby monitor. All you know is that you want another way to ensure your baby’s safety and having baby monitors will help you to do that. However, you start down the aisle with the baby monitors, and you are overwhelmed. Who knew that there were so many choices when it comes to baby monitors? Maybe I can help.

There are the simple, low priced baby monitors. This type of baby monitor has one unit that you set in the baby’s room and one that you can take into another room of the house. The unit in the baby’s room picks up any noise in the room and sends it to the other unit.

Then there is the baby monitor that also acts as a walkie-talkie system. Both units can send and receive. This type of monitor is more expensive than the simple baby monitors.

Another type of monitor is one that you can attach to the baby’s crib. It is similar to the simple monitor in that the unit in the baby’s room sends sound to the other monitor. The difference is that you can use a remote control to activate vibrations and soothing sounds on the baby’s unit.

There is also the monitor that allows you see and hear your baby. You mount a camera in the baby’s room and you can watch and listen to your baby from another location in the house. The camera and monitor are lightweight and can be moved easily.

In order to decide which baby monitor will best fit what you want and need you must consider a couple of things. You need to think about your budget. You also need to think about what your baby needs. Maybe your baby needs the soothing sounds monitor, or maybe s/he just needs to hear your voice. The most important thing is that any monitor that you buy will help you make sure that your baby is sleeping safe and sound in his/her room.