7 Signs That your Computer Might be Infected With Spyware

by : Sunil Tanna

Here are some warning signs that may indicate that your computer has become infected with spyware:-

1. Your web browser's home page changes by itself, without you asking for it to be changed.

2. If you mistype a URL in your web browser's address bar, or you perform a search, you are transfered to a strange web site.

3. New items appear by themselves in your web browser's bookmarks/favorites.

4. Your web browser contains a new toolbar which you don't remember choosing to install.

5. When surfing the Internet you are bombarded by pop-ups. Of course, some web sites do contain their pop-ups, but spyware pop-ups may appear on any web site, even sites which do not contain pop-ups, such as Google. Another tell-tale sign, is if you start to see pop-ups for a competing store when visiting one store's web site.

6. Your system starts to become unstable, especially when surfing, crashing for no reason (although these types of problems can be caused for other reasons than spyware).

7. Your system slows down to a crawl (again, speed problems are not necessarily caused by spyware).

If you believe your computer may be infected with spyware, it is a good idea to get some anti-spyware software, so you can scan and clean your computer as soon as possible.