Anti Spyware Software: Xoftspyse Review

by : nick zara

Installation and First Run

As expected, you don't need to have an IQ over 200 to get this program running, and even if you have a slower connection, downloading less than 3MB of data shouldn't be too hard. Once you have the setup package on your hard drive, run it and the program will be installed in an instant.

When run for the first time, XsoftSpySE checks for updates and, if there are any available, starts downloading them. Of course that you can cancel this process and do it another time, but my advice is to keep all your security software up to date without any delays. The updates downloaded another 2MB of data, so after less than 10 minutes, I had this program ready to go. So let's move on and talk about the interface, shall we? Click here for links

The Interface

Despite the fact that some programs from this category don't work as they should, most of them look great. XsoftSpySE is not exception to the rule, although I am sure they can make it look even better with a little work. Anyway, there's nothing that could give you a headache inside this program's interface, all you have to do is pick a task from the menu to the left of the main window and do what you need.Scan Now

Features and Usage

After starting the program and updating it, the best thing to do is to scan your computer. As I expected, all I found was low threats, and to be more specific, I am talking about harmless cookies, so you don't have to worry if you see a lot of items found, because usually it's all cookies.

The General Settings area allows you to start the program with Windows, but since XsoftSpySE can't protect you against incoming threats, the only serious reason to do that is for scanning the system each time you start it up.

The Scan Settings area can be used to customize the scanning process, so that only browser hijackers, active processes and the registry or various folders are scanned.

Some additional goodies include Scheduling and the ability to create Ignore lists and backups. No need to say more about them, because their names say it all.

During its use, I never had special reliability problems, and the scanning speed is good, so I guess it's about time to draw the conclusions regarding XsoftSpySE, don't you think?

The Good

This program is easy to use, fast and looks good, and its database contains over 200,000 threats at this time!

The Bad

Unfortunately, the free trial version can only seek and find spyware, but you'll have to buy the full version to destroy it.


XsoftSpySE can be a pretty helpful application, even when using the feature limited trial version. After all, if you scan your computer with this and all you can find is cookies, you can relax and start saving some money for the day you'll need to buy it...