How Do You Become a WiFi Hotspot?

by : Michael Lemm

I'll try to keep this as simple as possible.

Here's some simple ideas you should consider for becoming a WiFi Hotspot.

* To turn your business into a hotspot, you really only need 2 things:

- Hotspot Kit (which should include hardware, software, and remote monitoring)
- High Speed Internet (whatever is appropriate for your situation....DSL, T1, or DS3 connectivity)

* Before you order your hotspot kit, you need to first determine what type of service you will need:

- Single Access Point OR
- Multiple Access Point

The number of connection points you need is determined by the amount of area that you wish to make available for wireless internet access. For example....larger hotels will require one access point per every 20 rooms (on average) while a coffee shop can adequately service their clientele with just a single access point.

* The last decision you will need to make is whether or not to bill your clients for wireless internet access. Today, more and more enterprises are offering wireless internet access as a value-added service in an effort to attract more visitors to their hotels/shops. In today's competitive environment, offering complimentary hot zones can be the determining factor when customers weigh your offering against that of your competitors.

However, should you find that billing your customers is what you want to doFind Article, find a provider who can help you do that. Your hotspot kit should come with software that will enable you to take credit cards right over your gateway (the page the users 'see' when they try to access the web using your hotspot). You'll likely partner with that provider in that revenues would be shared by both you and "them". Thae provider you choose will make sure the hotspot is running efficiently. This allows you to focus on your key business and to receive a profit-share check each and every month your customers log on to the net in your hotspot.

The above is a simplistic description of what you'll need to think about before becoming a WiFi hotspot. Do your homework along these lines and you'll have a decent foundation to make a good business sense decision.