What Are Fitted Diapers?

by : kalwant Rana

Fitted Diapers are a two-layer nappy system usually made from some absorbent material, maybe hemp or cotton. Designed in an hourglass shape, Fitted Diapers eliminate the need to fold and pin. This saves time when out in public and a quick nappy change is in order!

Though the Fitted nappy may seem similar to the contoured nappy, they actually differ in that - fitted nappies carry elastic in the legs and waist region. This gives Fitted Diapers an advantage, as it can be worn without an outer cover, displaying those cute prints on the diaper! Also, the lack of cover means baby’s body feels cool and will get plenty of air. With its unique hourglass design, Fitted Diapers make movement easy for babies by preventing the ‘waddling effect’ caused by bulky and cumbersome diapers.

Leaks and stains rarely appear on a Fitted cloth nappy, as it provides excellent containment against even solid waste, thus keeping covers clean. However, Fitted Diapers take longer to wash and dry due to its being a two-layer nappy system. In addition, they are expensive, and are better suited for outside wear. Along with a set of ordinary nappies, it is recommended to invest in a few fitted cloth nappies for when taking baby out on his first picnic!

Fitted Diapers are available in several kinds of fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, and organic cotton prints. Some of the brands that carry fitted cloth nappies are Punkin-butt, and Sugar Peas. Other brands include Tots Bots, Motherease, Popolino, Bambino Mio, and others. In fact, Fitted Diapers are available in every major brand, and in a varied price range to suit your budget!

So, go shopping with the little one and add a few of his favourite fitted Cloth Diapers to your nappy collection!