VoIP Minutes: a Priority for Both Resellers and Customers

by : Kristen

The VoIP service providers are trying to bring some change in the means of communication with the introduction of VoIP minutes. The concept is based on the wholesaler's authority to sell out connection in terms of minutes. The resellers on the other hand charge for ever minute of such a service from their customers. Though the charges are low but still they exist.

The service providers usually come out with deals for the marketing of voice over IP minutes. The VoIP minutes can be utilised by corporate users to achieve their business needs. They can buy these minutes either from the resellers or from the wholesalers at affordable costs and utilise the minutes for their business purposes. The same is true in-case of home use. The customers can buy these minutes and also manage their calls by terminating the same after use through a process called the 'call termination'. The termination is done with three types of carries known as Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Tier 1 carriers have their own physical network for terminating a call. Tier 2 leases services of tier 1 to terminate a call. Tier 3 uses either tier 2 or tier 1 carrier to terminate the calls.

So, with the increasing demand for Voice over IP services, dealing on VoIP minutes is becoming very profitable. In many instances, it facilitates the success of an enterprise. In case of call termination service that is provided by the service providers, certain factors must be taken into account before availing the service. One should compare the rates at which the routes and plans are available. The second primary concern is to check for the clarity and quality of the sound. The competitiveness, steadfastness and other aspects such as technical support and other special services should also be considered before applying for a service provider.

So, buying and selling VoIP minutes is beneficial for both parties be it the customer or the reseller. With VoIP, the customer now has the option to make calls to distant places at the same call rates. Call termination allows the customer to terminate the calls at will without exceeding the minutes. Moreover during some instances, the customer is also entitled to make calls to three or more people at the same time. This saves a lot of VoIP minutes and money. The service provider on the other hand is benefited by reselling the minutes that are brought from the wholesalers. Moreover, with a clientele that encompasses the whole world, the potential for accruing profits are quite unlimited. To simplify things, a person who brought a Voice over IP service from a UK based service provider may then opt to stay even in a third world country but yet access the services provided by the UK based carrier. So the success rate of such services is always high and the demand too is rising everyday.