Choosing The Right Fondue Set

by : Christopher Fisher

So you've heard about how easy and delicious fondue is and now you want to learn to cook it? Well first you'll need to get a decent fondue set.

There is such a huge variety of fondue sets out there you may have trouble deciding what's right for you. There are three main types of fondue (cheese, chocolate, and meat), and each set may cater to a particular type. Although most modern fondue sets will work for all types of fondue.

No matter which set you choose, it will probably include a pot, fondue forks, a stand on which the pot will rest, and some sort of heat source. There are two main types of heat sources for fondue pots: fuel based or electricity based.

Fuel based fondue pots will use denatured alcohol, sterno cans, or some other type of liquid fuel. The fuel is lit underneath the pot and in some cases can be adjusted to control the heat. Fuel based fondue pots work best when they are made from a ceramic material. This allows for better heat distribution. Make sure you keep an extinguisher on hand if you are going to be using an open flame in the house.

Fuel fondue sets are handy because they can be moved into locations that electric cords can't reach. Like taking it outside for a nice little picnic or a romantic dinner under the stars.

Electricity based fondue pots are made from metal and usually have a nonstick surface that really comes in handy for cleaning. Temperature control is also extremely easy with an electric fondue pot, simply turn the knob until you get it perfect. These pots work the best for hot oil and meat fondue.

Some electric fondue pots have fairly short cords. You might need to hook up an extension cord to reach from the table to an outlet. If you do this, put the fondue set in the middle of the table so no one trips over the cord and spills hot fondue on themselves. Fortunately, for this reason many electric fondue sets have magnetic cords that break away if they are pulled.

You might see small fondue pots that are made specifically for chocolate fondue. These pots will use a tea-light candle instead of electricity or fuel.

When you are ready to buy your set, look for a nice sturdy one that is able to do the type(s) of fondue you are interested in. Some sets even have interchangeable metal and ceramic pots that use the same base.

Most sets will come with special fondue forks that have colors on the handle so that everyone knows whose fork is whose.

Before buying a fondue set, you would also be wise to check online to see if the set you are interested in has received good buyer reviews.

Keep in mind that one fondue pot can comfortably feed no more than six people. If you are going to have more guests, you might want to have more than one fondue pot.