5 Interesting Ways to Create Your Mini Book Scrapbooking

by : Jasmine N

I love miniature. I was fascinated by my friend's mini book scrapbooking. I love her design so much; I wish I could do as hers! I started to source around all the different resources and finally I found some interesting ways to create mini book scrapbooking.

Tips #1 A5 size note book.

You can purchase any design of A5 size note book, either plain or trendy design. Then convert it into your scrapbook by adding some stickers as your embellishment, write some comments and the final step is adding your candid photo on it.

Tips #2 Scribbling or sketching on drawing paper as your layout design.

If you love scribbling or sketching, you can convert your scribblers or sketches into mini scrapbooking. This is done by cutting all the scribbling into smaller pieces, either in A5 or smaller, add some embellishment on each piece, then finally add your own photos. Last step is combine all the pieces together, punch two holes at the left border and tie with colorful ribbon to make a compilation of small scrapbook.

Tips #3 4R photo empty albums.

If you have a lot of empty 4R photo albums, reuse them by converting them into small scrapbook. Repeat the same steps of pasting stickers, embellishment and slot in your photo into the albums. This is the most economical and environmental friendly method to create your scrapbooking!

Tips #4 Greeting cards.

Greeting cards can be your source too! You can create a simple scrapbook by simply adding your candid photo onto the trendy design greeting cards. Perhaps you may need to add one or two words about the photo. Then you are done! Although some greeting cards in odd shapes, just take it as a credit to your scrapbook design, because it makes your scrapbooking more fun!

Tips #5 Trendy designed envelop.

You can convert a trendy designed envelop into scrapbooking. This can be done by adding some embellishment on every sides of the envelop, write some theme words and punch one or two holes at one side of the envelop, tie with ribbon or colorful felt. Finally paste your candid photo, or if you like you can draw your own illustration instead of putting your photos.

Hope any one of above tips give you an idea to create your mini book scrapbooking!