Freebies For Parents And Their Children

by : Luke Cameron

Everyone gets excited once the news of a new addition to the family reaches them. It is not only the family who are busy anticipating and preparing for the arrival of the child, but the friends and acquaintances of the family as well. Everyone asks if the baby is a boy or a girl, if the baby already has a crib, feeding bottles and toys. But these days, even businesses are joining in the fun and excitement of preparing for the coming of a tiny little bundle of joy. Businesses are now offering many different baby offers.

One of the best baby offers is Enfamil Family Beginnings. This is a great program for expectant mothers who are planning to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is a sure way for mothers to provide both food and nutrients to their babies. Enfamil Family Beginnings give out brochures and pamphlets with information about breastfeeding. They are aiming to educate new mothers and encourage them to breastfeed their babies. The program also offers to provide information on how mothers should supplement their breastfeeding with formula.

Enfamil Family Beginnings not only provide information on milk and formula, they also give tips and suggestions to assist you in raising your child from birth until his toddler years. They also gave away diaper bags that come in handy when the baby spends a day outside.

Apart from the information and free diaper bags, the program also sent free formula. This part of the program was able to help those who are in need.

Another baby offer is the free subscription to American Baby Magazine. This program was well-received because the company does not hassle people into getting a subscription or bother them with survey questions. They just freely gave away copies of magazines. So many parents are helped by their articles that mostly tackle the issues in raising a child.

Mayo Clinic's book about pregnancy has been offered for free by State Farm. The book was huge, weighing almost three pounds. But having that tome is very helpful, because with the wealth of information it provides, it may just as well be called a pregnancy encyclopedia.

Baby offers are a great way for a company to advertise. Not only are they able to present their products to the market, they are also able to help families with the freebies that they give away.