Out of a Job?

by : June Mchardy

(2001 June McHardy

You're fired... You're laid off... The business is closed...

Oh Lord, what am I going to do now? How will I pay the rent? feed my family? pay the bills?

The most frightening thing of all is the fear of the unknown. And when the unknown includes something as basic as your own survival and that of your loved ones, your panic kicks into overdrive. Your reactions are automatic. You're into the 'Fight or Flight Syndrome' and your ability to think clearly is severely compromised. You start worrying incessantly. How will I survive? . . What if I lose the house? . . Could I have done anything differently? . . Should I have left earlier? . .

STOP!! ... The above scenario is so very familiar - and so very self-defeating! What you're doing is looking back at the past (which you no longer can do anything about) and worrying about the future ( - and most of the thing you worry about, according to statistics, will likely never happen). What you need to do is change your thinking!

Here is a strategy which will ALWAYS work!

First, you must stop worrying. Worrying is always counter-productive. The more you think about something the more you bring it about in your life. "Thoughts are things and they come to pass the world is but your looking glass"

Now think things through. Get a paper and pencil and put every solution you can think of in writing - even the most far fetched ideas.

Take Action. Plan steps to take. Make phone calls. Write letters. Talk to people. There's always at least one step which you can take today.

Intention and Conviction: Know within yourself that you are in the process of creating your solution. Know that the universe is working with you and that you're not alone in this. HAVE FAITH IN THE PROCESS!

Be open to all the wonderful and amazing things that will start happening in the next few days. Remember though, your idea of the perfect job may not be the best one for you at this time. Be open to all possibilities and you, like I did, will look back on this time of potential stress and trauma and realize that instead it was a time of Miracles of your own making.

The universe is intrinsically abundant. Everything is available to you. Your part in the process is to decide what you want, be very clear about it, do everything you can do to bring it aboutComputer Technology Articles, then have faith in the process knowing that things are already working out. This strategy can be used for any problem which you have in your life.

Use it. Joy and Peace will be your reward.