Secrets To High Performance Thinking

by : John Colanzi

The Taoist's have a saying, "The Journey is the reward."

High performance thinkers exemplify that remark.

They pick their profession, not because of the money
they expect to make, but because of the joy it brings

In the words of J. Paul Getty, they've learned to
thrive on the pressure.

They don't see what they do as do or die.

They've learned to laugh at themselves and try not to
take things too seriously.

What others may consider a problem, they consider a

Their sense of humor and ability to enjoy their work
increases as their abilities increase.

Many times they spend long hours on a task not because
they feel a need to work hard, but because they have
so much fun at what they do.

When we find joy in doing what we love time flies by in
the blink of an eye.

If you're ready to be a high performance thinker, learn
to laugh more.

Find work that gives you joy.

stop looking at the task at hand as a struggle. View it
as a magnificent game.

To the high performance thinkerBusiness Management Articles, there is no line
between work and play. His work is his passion.

In the sports world it's called being in the zone. High
performance thinkers perform in the same manner.

* They are acting in the moment.

* They have no doubts.

* Time almost stands still.

* They are focused to the point that outside influences
are literally blocked out.

Stop trying so hard and start enjoying the process.