Join the Famous Losers Club

by : Carole Pagan

Join the Famous Losers Club
Carole Pagan
(C) 2003

Feeling Frustrated?

Tired of people looking at you with pity or disgust?

Feel like you just don't fit in anywhere?

Good. You are destined for success.

Here are some people who you may have heard
of that faced the same thing.

Abraham Lincoln
Fred Astaire
Stephen King
Sylvester Stalone
Thomas Edison
Cornel Sanders

How about J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books?
Did you know that she wrote the first book in a coffee
shop? After she got the kids off to school she would head
down to the coffee shop because she couldn't afford heat.

No one thought any of these people would ever make it.
And there are thousands more of these stories.

Uncommon success comes from uncommon perseverance.
You can only muster that perseverance if you truly love what
you are doing. Take a good look at what you are trying to
accomplish. Are you doing what you are doing because
that's really what YOU want to do?

When it's your dream, you will move mountains to get there.

Even if you're involved in a cookie cutter program, find
a way to make it your own. Publish a newsletter. Make
a website giving information that isn't available on the
company site.

It's your business. It's your dream. Take ownership.
Take pride. You are doing what most won't. You will
get to places the masses will only dream about.

Leaving the masses is often a difficult thing to do.
But it's what you have to do if you are going to
become an uncommon success.

Pick up your faith and determination and trudge on.

Wishing you success,
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