Are You Lucky - Or Is It Synchronicity?

by : Gordon Bryan

Synchronicty? The abundant universe? The universal

Call it what you will, but do you believe the concept?
Do you even understand the concept?

Phew, 5 question marks in a row, time for some answers!

I firmly believe in the concept, and you'll find that most
successful people do.
Basically the theory is, that if you decide firmly and precisely
enough what you want, and take action towards it,
then 'luck', 'coincidence', and 'opportunity' will present
themselves to you.

My example follows the title of the goal achievement book
classic, 'Talk and Grow Rich', by Ron Holland.

The message of this book is that you should talk to everyone
and anyone about your goals, and it will trigger these

A word of warning though.
As soon as you get a negative response from someone about
your goals, do not talk to that person about them again, it's that

They will expose you to negative energy, which will harm your
Don't prejudge anyone either, but as soon as t he response is
negative, don't carry on with that person, ok?

Right then, here's my example.

One of the jobs in my dank and distant past was as a bank
cashier, and one of my ambitions has been to appear on The
Royal Variety Show, with a unicycle ballet act.

Now don't laugh, unicycle ballet is very artistic, very theatrical,
and very emotional, particularly if you don't wear the padded

I mentioned this ambition to my colleagues at the bank, and
added that I really needed to find a choreographer.
One of my colleagues told me that she had a customer who had
represented Great Britain in ice skating at the Olympics.
'That's interesting', I said.

Two days later, I was serving a customer, and out of the blue, he
said 'So, I hear you need a choreographer for your unicycle
ballet act?'
It was my colleague's customer!

So within 2 days of my mentioning my ambition, I was talking to
an ex-Olympic ice skater!
How about that!!

I had never met him before and I doubt I would have found him
We swapped numbers, and met up a couple of days after that.

It works, this 'Talk and Grow Rich' stuff, it works.

Try it, you'll be stunned by the opportunities that come your way.
Remember the caution about the negative responses, but if you
get talking, you never knowFind Article, maybe you too will go 'From the
Bank To The Ballet!'