Your Guide for Hiring a Good Baby Sitter

by : Morgan Hamilton

Most parents sometimes need to find a baby sitter while they are at work or when they feel like taking a break for a while. There is no doubt that being a parent is very hard and the best way to ease the stress you experience while taking care of your baby is to get a trustworthy baby sitter to help you out. I'm sure that most parents realize that child care might sometimes be the only option, especially when you cannot take off from work every time your child sneezes or can't go to school. However, parents who are fulltime taking care of their children also need some extra childcare because they badly need to recharge mentally as well as physically. So, if you need a break but have no one to turn to, then you should consider hiring a baby sitter you can trust.

I would first recommend you ask around to some other parents if they know anyone suitable for this highly responsible job. Of course, you might also find a neighbour who is willing to give you a hand with child care from time to time. Even though it is quite clear that finding a good baby sitter is a difficult thing, you should not think that only because a close friend of your neighbours watches their children this means that this baby sitter will take good care of your own little ones. What any parent should do is to interview baby sitters and check their references. There are some parents who expect the baby sitter to be an exact copy of themselves. This is hard to find and it is actually not that good.

The real qualities any babysitter should possess are flexibility, kindness and consciousness. Of course, we should not underestimate the value of education, experience to interact with kids, and knowledge how to act in case of emergency. While conducting an interview it is a good idea for parents to talk about hourly rates and ways of transportation. Of course, in case you hire a baby sitter living in the neighborhood, transportation would not be a problem, but what if they live across the town and don't have a driver’s license?

When taking a baby sitter to watch your kids you should not allow her to give meditations as she is not a nurse. All she should give is simple first aid for minor bruises and swellings. Parents should remember to always give the baby sitter their phone numbers, address to contact them or nearest relatives, too. Information including emergency services in case of emergency should also be provided. If you have never had previous experience with baby sitters or you have just got a new one, then it is best to arrange a meeting between the children and the baby sitter with your presence.

That way the children will get used to the new person and the latter will know what to expect from the kids and how to deal with them. From my point of view, there are certain issues that should also be mentioned when interviewing baby sitters. First of all, they should not be allowed to have friends over because the latter distract them. Secondly, making random phone calls should be forbidden, only phone calls approved by the parent are allowed. Last but not least, the baby sitter should never answer the door to strangers, only the parents. After all, what is really important is the safety and security of the children.