Focus on your future vision!

by : James Winston

Unfortunately, most people will never develop a strong future vision for their lives. They will never admit to themselves, or anyone else, what their dreams really are, and they won't put a deadline on those dreams and transform them into goals. Thus, most people will never even begin to harness their true potential. What they don't realize is if they are not focused on their futures - if they are not consciously creating their lives - then they are living accidentally, not intentionally. They are merely reacting to life. When you have faith in your future vision, it creates resilience: when things do not go your way, you will be able to pick yourself up because your future vision will be stronger than your setbacks. Doing the particular things you need to do to move toward that future vision will become automatic, a habit. It is close to the certainty of religious faith - the comforting, assuring feeling that whatever happens will happen, but in the end, you will succeed. It helps me to surround myself with photos and reminders which keep my future vision and goals on my mind. This is another simple yet powerful strategy. Remember that everything we experience in the 'real world' is merely an external manifestation of what has already happened in your mind. That is where the relatively well known maxim, "If your mind can conceive it, you can achieve it" comes from. And it is true. In your mind , you seeFree Articles, anything is possible. So nourish your mind with postivie uplifting images… it's worked wonders for me!