Bringing Home BabyEase the Transition

by : Mom Index

You welcomed your baby or babies into the world and are returning home to either begin or to continue the journey of motherhood. Your new life will be filled with constant love and laughter, daily multitasking and new activities. It will also entail an ongoing education process as you become adept with your new role and responsibilities.

Although you cannot completely prepare for your new family or how you will respond to your newborn’s disposition and eating and sleeping schedules, there are certain steps you can take to ease the transition of bringing home baby. Consider the following ideas when preparing for your baby’s arrival:


Pre-wash baby clothes, towels and other baby items such as sheets and blankets.

Stock up on diapers and wipes.

Stock up on formula (if you are not nursing) and wash bottles for formula or breast milk.

Setup the nursery.

Install the car seat in your vehicle.

Assemble baby equipment such as strollers, swings, bassinets and cribs.

Research membership options for moms clubs and parenting groups even if you are a working mother.

Pack a diaper bag with diapers, wipes, bibs, change of clothes and optional items such as blankets, pacifiers, small toys, hand sanitizers and energy bars or snacks for mom.


Buy stamps and stationery for Thank You letters.

Type labels for birth announcements.

Record your favorite TV shows or movies so you have something to watch when you are up late at night or early in the morning.

Install your digital camera software and setup your computer and email to send and save photos or home movies.

Create a list of contact numbers for your estate planning, doctors (including pediatrician) birth certificate registration, health insurance and human resource contacts at your employer.

Purchase a journal for yourself and a notebook or clipboard for a newborn log to track feeding, sleeping and changing habits.


Coordinate family visits and work through the details before you arrive home with baby.

Notify your older children’s school about your impending birth or new baby so teachers can be supportive and be aware of any changes in your children’s behavior.

Create an account with an on-line grocer such as or Save your selections so all you have to do is schedule your delivery when you return home. Be sure to order extra laundry detergent, toilet paper and home spa items such as bath salts and bubbles.

Interview babysitters and tentatively schedule dates to assist with older children and to help with laundry or errands.

Purchase supplies for arts & crafts projects for older children.

Stock the freezer with pre-made meals.

If you belong to a mom’s club, social or networking group, inquire about a mommy meal program to see if you can have meals delivered to your home by fellow moms.