Dont give up on spyware. Speed up you computer.

by : Mircea Ionescu

Quite often people around the world either technically challenged or savvy suffer with their computers after 2-3 months of purchase. The reason for a computer getting slower and slower day-by-day is due to enormous amount of spyware and malware application existing on the internet.

How would a user get these apywares or malwares into their computers? A user would get attracted to an advertisement on a website. Once he/she clicks on the Advertisement, a form of script triggers in the background or sometimes prompt the user to install some form of an software which would be connected to the hacker community. once the computer is online the software attempts to use the internet connection to indicate its presence to the hacker's computers. This script can also in most cases sends the user’s private information etc to the hacker who created such a malicious program.

Therefore, to overcome such a situation a user is always advised not to open any such program or advertisement from an non-trusted source. Many companies tried to provide utilities which could resolve this problem of crawling computer performance but only one could win the rat race and that company is the Uniblue. Uniblue create an award winning software called “SpeedUpMyPC" which is small 5.2 MB downloadable program to boost up the computer performance. The software automatically checks for computer's current performance and optimizes and improves the performance in just minutes.

SpeedUpMyPC can be installed very easily and once started for the very first time it shows the current performance levels of that computer. You have an option to pick either “Start Scan" or “Configure Settings" then and there itself. The best part about SpeedupmyPC is, it automatically picks up all the affects area which is causing a bad computer performance and fine-tunes them all. The resources that are tuned are memory, systems setting, Internet connection etc. Once the scan is done, you will find a sudden change is your computer performance as if it is been injected with power boosters which has brought stability and energy.

Majority of people around the world have agreed to the fact that they are not able to control the flow of internet programs and other resources from entering there computer even after having a good personal firewall, a good anti-virus application, a good anti-spyware etc. These people are either those who have been using internet for like years and cant resist to test an application by risking there privacy, or those who are new to internet are learning things as they understand good or bad.

SpeedUpMyPC is a excellent application which will run on Windows 98/2000/XP and would show the user what are the current Memory usage levels, current CPU usage level, Disk usage levels, Internet connection usage level, and not the least a list of all the startup application that runs once the computer is switched on every time and which are primarily responsible for the eating up the initial part of memory, CPUScience Articles, disk etc.

SpeedUpMyPC gives you an excellent way to monitor and control all of these resources discussed above in a way to increase the computer uptime and ability to process things faster than expected. Some might say you have become and expert in computer handling and that’s the way you can educate others and teach yourself the efficient methods of resource management.

SpeedUpMyPC is also excellent in collecting information of all the application and programs installed on your computer including the list of all latest Operating Systems Hotfix being installed recently. You can pick and choose to remove or un-install any application as you would do it via Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

Thus is a final verbatim 'An awesome piece of software which is good for basic to advanced level user’s'.