How AntiSpywareBOT Will Remove Spyware From Your Computer

by : Jeff Farley

?The first thing you'll notice when you download AntispywareBOT is that the interface is a bit intimidating. However, there's a big scan button that makes things easier. You can either get rid of items individually or all at once.

With AntispywareBOT, you can also take advantage of an ignore function. This allows you to add any folder, files or applications, which is useful if you're worried about files accidentally getting deleted.

With AntispywareBOT, you get advanced features that other spyware programs don't offer, such as brower helper object manager(also known as BHO). It helps you manage objects that attach themselves to Internet Explorer and start each time your browser starts. These include toolbars.

AntispywareBOT also has a startup manager that controls programs that launch when you start your computer. When Windows starts, you get a lot of programs you simply don't need that bog down your computer. This startup manager will help you reclaim resources that will improve PC performance.

With AntispywareBOT, you can schedule a system scan whenever you want in advance. And it has a home page manager, which is useful in case your homepage has been hijacked by spyware