Choosing stunning artwork for your home

by : Jerry Carpos

The Wow Factor

Did you ever walk into someone’s home and look around andsuddenly become embarrassed by your own homes décor? It just seems that somepeople are artistically gifted while the rest of us suffer from some form ofartistic dysfunction. It can be irritating to have to try so hard just to hangsome pictures. But once you get the knack of things, it is really not so hardand your home’s interior can remind you of those homes with that special Wowfactor.

Artwork, by its very nature, is a personal expression andevery individual will receive it on a personal level. Some paintings just callto you and you simply have to have it while others just do not make sense. Thisis true for everyone, and not just the artistically challenged.

Start Small andSimple

If you are ready to tackle some new and improved decoratingideas, and ready to start with the artwork that hangs on your walls, then picka room and jump right in. It is usually best to start with your favorite roomin the house simply because this room is probably a place that you already havea vision, even if it is very small. Most people have white walls, but if youhave a bit more splash to your room, that will work just fine as well. Startsmall and just pick a color scheme. Just like that. Something that willcompliment what is already painted or wallpapered to the room, but one colorthat really works for you. It is okay to be daring and go with reds, greens,blues, or even yellows and oranges. Often, once we have latched onto a basiccolor scheme, us artistically challenged can work through our dysfunction andmove forward. However, part of our dysfunction is the tendency to over use ourcolor. Start small, but stay simple.

Let us say we were having a bold day and we picked orangefor our color scheme. We do not need paintings and artwork that are completelyorange. Maybe just one nice piece that is mostly orange, but the rest shouldjust have a little of that color reflected in the work.

Themes, Clashes, andOther Artwork Disasters

Rule number one in overcoming artistic dysfunction is nevermix styles and themes in the same room. Some people can get away with that andit looks fabulous. But we are not so fortunate and we must keep it very simple.If your orange room has one lovely impressionist piece in it, then stay withvarious forms of impressionist artwork throughout the room. Some experts saythat you should maintain the same style throughout the entire home. Others sayto vary but only room by room. I am in favor of room by room because I do notlike boredom, and too much repetition is boredom.

Some colors work well with others and other colors are anatrocious disaster when blended or even in the same state as another color. Ihave yet to see a well blended sample of orange and pink, although I am suresome highly creative type compiled them beautifully.

If you are not sure, ask. Asking questions and gatheringideas from other people is the best way to learn. If you are looking forspecific answers then you have to ask specific questions. Bring a photo andexplain that you are looking for something that will complimentpaintingwell, not match it. Part of learning the fine art of decorating with artwork islearning to compliment pieces rather than match them. You do not have to bepushed in purchasing something you do not like, but the experience of watching someonefind you a painting that compliments the one you started with can be verybeneficial. In fact, after a few tries, you may even begin looking yourself,with confidence. By enhancing your decorating talents step by little tiny babystepFree Articles, you will be able to put together impressive themes and décor withoutwasting money on pieces that do not work.