Choosing an Aerial Photography Supplier

by : Keith Mcgregor

One of the most important influences on choosing the supplier isobviously the end product you wish to acquire. Aerial photography isnot a homogenous product and there are many variables involved withaerial photography which can influence the end result as well as thecost. Below is a list of some of the types of Aerial Photographyavailable;

  • Oblique Aerial Photography
  • Vertical Photography
  • Survey Photography
  • Event Aerial Photography
  • The end use for the image will also dictate the type of equipmentused. For display size photography, Larger than A1 it is important thatthe quality and detail exists to be able to expand the image up to therequired size. Most good companies will still offer a Medium FormatFilm service as well as a digital service, only in very recent timeshas the digital equipment begun to rival the quality of film for bigenlargements.

    If precision survey photography or vertical photographyis required the company must be able to fulfil this requirement withaccurate GPS equipment and often with a gyro-stabilised camera mountingsystem.

    However you choose your supplier, be sure to shop around, make sureyou receive the expert advice, a good reputable company will suggestthe most appropriate type of photography to fit your budget and briefeven if they do not offer the service themselves.

    Beware of casual/part time companies or individualsFree Web Content, they may nothave the expertise to advise you or indeed be operating within thebounds of strict air law. A specialist Aerial photography companywill own its own aircraft and employ full time qualified pilots whichallow the flexibility to react to the prevailing weather conditions andtherefore produce the best possible photography.

    A good indication of the extent of a company’s aerial competence is the existence and size of their aerial photographic library.If a company has an extensive library they may also already have animage which will be sufficient and thus reducing your cost as you canmerely purchase the library image from them for a smaller fee.