Who Can Access Satellite Radio?

by : Jim Johnson

Satellite radio is definitely a growing technology and each month the number of people receiving it's broadcasting continues to grow steadily. So who can access satellite radio?

The answer to that depends on where you live in the world. If you happen to live in the US the answer is that just about anyone with a subscription to either XM or Sirius can get it. They are both companies that have received approval by the FCC to broadcast digital radio across the entire US by satellite. If however you live outside the US and Canada your options are much more limited. There is only one other provider called WorldSpace that serves countires in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. So if you live in those areas, WorldSpace is your only provider choice.

For those that live in the US the monthly costs of the service is between $9.95 for XM and $12.95 for Sirius. Sirius charges more because they claim to use technology that improves the digital sound even more than XM and they also have given more attention to customer service to address issues that may arrive after the sale.

Once you have a subscription to a satellite radio provider's service, all you need at that point is the equipment to receive the signal and play it. You can get the receivers and antennas online or at local electronics stores. Generally, you can save money by buying the equipment online and then having it installed in your car, boat, or RV locally. If you wish to get a receiver that integrates with your home audio system, they can usually be easily installed on your own.

Your choices for equipment include plug-and-play units that can be used both at home and in your car, dedicated car radio units, and small portable units that can taken almost anywhere. At this point there are plenty of electronics manufacturers that have cooperated with both XM and Sirius in making equipment that will receive each provider's unique, proprietary signal.

So the amswer to the question of who can access satellite radio is that anyone who lives in the areas of the world where the three major providers are currently providing service and who also has the equipment to be able to receive and play the radio broadcasting signal can access satellite radio. So if you live in one of these areas why not arrange for a demonstration and find out why satellite radio is the wave of the future in radio broadcasting?